Ekta Kapoor: Uncrowned Empress of the Web World


The whole world is out there to comment, but there are just a handful of individuals who are able to create the stuff that is commented upon. Ekta Kapoor has been the reigning queen of television, with a strong foothold in the movie industry and now the futuristic endeavors into the digital media.

DKODING | Ekta Kapoor

Creating and then managing such a huge cine empire, continuously studying and evolving as per the audience requirements and then being a hotshot favorite for critics, and yet growing nonchalantly, is no child’s play. Ekta Kapoor has proven her mettle through all this and much more.


DKODING | Ekta Kapoor

Born to Jitendra and Shobha Kapoor, famous Indian Bollywood actors, she did not dream to become an actress. Ekta Kapoor had it all by birth, but she was herself the kid nobody expected much from. As they say, merit and talent are generally found in the most unexpected of places, so was true for the Kapoor family. Ekta Kapoor began her journey into the television industry at the mere age of 15 years. On similar lines, the life and achievements of Ekta Kapoor have been far from ordinary.


Believe it or not, she is the brain behind television superhits ‘kunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’, ‘kasauti zindagi ki’, ‘kahaani ghar ghar ki’ that ran for years constantly, movies like ‘kya kool hain hum’, ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’, as well as web shows like ‘karle tu bhi mohobbat’.


DKODING | Ekta Kapoor

At 18 her show ‘Hum paanch’ became a top television grosser. It later went on to clock another season. There is a huge list of other shows that Ekta Kapoor went out to make.  There was a time when she was credited with creation of 9 out of the top 10 TRP grossing television shows.

 As of now, Ekta Kapoor has created and produced

  • More than 130 Indian soaps under her banner Balaji Telefilms Limited.
  • She has been credited with launching newer kinds of narratives on the Indian television.
  • Launched many television and movie stars including Vidya Balan, Smriti Irani, amongst others.
  • She stepped into the movie industry in 2011.
  • In 2012, Ekta Kapoor started Institute of Creative Excellence, a media training school through her production house Balaji Telefilms.


In Ekta Kapoor’s own words, the media is evolving into three segregates. There is the television for family watching with content apt to be watched by families. Then there are the films for community watching like friends, spouse, etc. And, then there are the web series for individualistic watching. Her progression into the web world with ALT BALAJI has given her a kind of a free canvas to paint all colors of her imagination. These colors have been receiving quiet a following too. Be it lust, sex, urban parenting, real life dramas or love stories this application has something or the other to offer in all genres. With more than forty web series on air, another 37 to be released this year and in all 107 series in the pipeline, she has her hands full. It boasts of being the web-series related largest content bank in the country.


DKODING | Ekta Kapoor

She has long been understanding the Indian audience and creating television and cine content as per their liking and evolution. Ekta Kapoor is a true business woman, who understands the masses, what is liked to be seen, heard, talked about and will bring in the desired numbers. She is our very own Kylie Jenner, a young business empire creator worth millions.


Ekta Kapoor, being a successful entrepreneur that she is, have had hectic work schedules and social life commitments; somehow balancing personal life in between. Over and above all this, she has now opted for motherhood. She is a proud single mother to a baby boy born out of surrogacy.

With able administration, she is making sure that her quality content commitments with her work and audience do not get compromised in any manner due to her personal life commitments.


Undoubtedly, Ekta Kapoor is one of the most powerful Indian cine personalities who has initiated, developed, evolved and succeeded in the realm. She believes that the Indian cine audience has evolved with time. Same audience that easily earlier accepted saree-clad, house-bound women in narratives like ‘kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and ‘kasauti zindagi ki’ is ready to now accept the empowered women based HAQSE and MOM. She is a true feminist at heart. Be it any of her content, women mostly are the central part.


DKODING | Ekta Kapoor

She does not believe in stereotypes. Ekta Kapoor is thus, creating realistic content like MOM, Mentalhood and Medically yours as well as the unrealistic thriller type ‘Naagin’ with currently third season in the running. 

Ekta Kapoor is far over and above the demeaning trolls. She is also not looking out for insincere appreciation or pedestals; as she truly believed that “the ones who put you atop a pedestal, are the first one to throw you off it too.” Thus, she is just looking to work and work well.

For her entrepreneurial skills and achievements, Ekta Kapoor was awarded with Ernst & Young (E&Y) Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2001. 

She is amongst the top 25 women entrepreneurs in India. An ardent professional, daughter and mother, she has been defining and redefining the limits and boundaries of womanhood.

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