All of us talk about caring, but how many of us will care to do something about it.

How many of you would agree – that all of us including the younger generation are spending majority of our time seeking attention on social media and the likes – most certainly ignoring the real world and the real issues that need not just attention but high attention !

Meet Sneha Singh. She finds her happiness in others.In this world where there is ‘COMPETITION for ATTENTION’, we got in touch with a wonderful human being who shies away from being in the spotlight. 

In this world where there is ‘COMPETITION for ATTENTION’, we got in touch with a wonderful human being who shies away from being in the spotlight. 

But she’s has got her fair share of attention– from the kids on the street. What more do you want from life when your reward is a warm smile and a tight hug from a kid?

DKODING | Sneha Singh, Lakshyam | Name behind thousands of smiles!


Sneha is so unlike the GenY you meet. Sneha has time for kids whom perhaps no one wants to spend time with. She is contributing her bit to the society at large through ‘Lakshyam’.

She had some beautiful thoughts to share with us. When she spoke, her voice was full of kindness and every word came from the heart. 


Sneha said that you don’t need to wait to join an NGO to help someone in need. Just go out there. Look around. There are so many people and kids who need love, care, attention and above all- our time. So true Sneha. We couldn’t agree more with you.

Sneha Singh | Lakshyam

Revolution can start with you. Be the spark. Then see it spread like wild fire – Lakshyam


Sneha also stated- that we all have amazing lives. We have everything we need. Great friends. Home. Family. Money. But still we keep cribbing. She added, we should thank god for what we have because there are people who have nothing. 


She told us a little incident that moved us too. She was at a red light in her car. A few street kids approached her. One of them was selling gajra. Instead of shooing them away, like most of us do, she rolled down her window. She got down. Talked to them. Photographed the kids and gave them her time. The kids laughed. They were delighted to see their pictures on the camera. The flower girl was so excited and touched by Sneha’s gesture that she offered Sneha all the gajras for free. 

Well I think the kids were richer than us – in their hearts and that’s what matters the most.  Sneha will never forget this story and it encouraged her to do more and inspire others to help others. She uses social media to do good for others. She wants more and more people to join her and spread joy and kindness. 

You are a revolution in yourself. If there are more Snehas, our world will soon be a better place to live in – Tamanna Virmani , Editor|DKODING Magazine


Revolution can start with you. Be the spark. Then see it spread like wild fire. 

She believes in Kuch Achcha kartein hain. Please watch the video and you want to make a difference too then do get in touch with her.

DKODING Sneha Singh | Lakshyam | Nothing is greater than kindness.

Sneha’s email id is

Know more about Lakshyam NGO – Aim & Objective   

  • To provide children a holistic education for their development.
  • To give children a conducive environment which provides them the freedom to foster creativity and curiosity.
  • To ensure Education for all by providing free-of-cost remedial education to underprivileged children.
  • To help children in choosing the right career path for them and provide opportunity and guidance for the same.
  • To help rural women learn vocational skills.
  • To help women in attaining financial independence.To create relicable models for the country.
  • To bridge the gap between urban and rural India.
  • To create a cycle of giving back. Where talent gives back to their homes instead of flowing towards urban cities. 


“If you concentrate on small, manageable steps you can cross unimaginable distances.” 

Shaun Hick

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