What Is Dogging And How To Do It?

DOGGING ! Having sex in public or ‘public sex’ is one of those hot fantasies that we either see in movies or hear great stories about, from sneaky people who almost get caught. As much as this sounds delightfully naughty, in real life it doesn’t usually wind up being so hot and thrilling.

While some people like to do it privately behind closed doors others enjoy a more public display of “too much” affection like Dogging.

What Is Dogging?

Dogging is basically a couple deliberately having sex in a public space in view of others who can watch and enjoy the show. It’s like watching live porn and getting all the pleasure from it and possibly jerking off to it.

Dogging is like watching Live po*n!

Difference Between Dogging and Exhibitionism

Compared to exhibitionists, dogging couples are more organized. They send an invitation for public watchers to come and see them have sex and enjoy the performance.  

DKODING | Lifestyle | Sex & Relationship | What Is Dogging And How To Do It?

In short, it is an act that mutually benefits people with voyeuristic (people who gain sexual pleasures from watching people engaged in sex) and exhibitionist fantasies (People who get excited, exposing their genitals to strangers in public).

How Did Dogging Originate?

Dogging is a British slang phrase thought to have come from the term “walking the dog,” as husbands would tell their wives they’re taking the dog out for a walk, but would proceed to the nearest public places and look for couples engaging in sexual activities.

In the early 2000s, the term dogging gained popularity when several incidents were reported and doggers would use the web to set up meets and invite people to watch the show.

Why Do People Dogg?

Well, it’s the idea of having or watching sex in public that excites people and gets their adrenaline rushing. Endorphins in the brain increase due to a fear of getting caught and also being watched by people.

It is the experience itself that’s memorable.

DKODING | Lifestyle | Sex & Relationship | What Is Dogging And How To Do It?

Plus, performing it live is like a dream come true for those exhibitionists and voyeurs.

How To Set It Up?

Early doggers would send invitations to willing watchers through SMS and early sex-related web forums. The wake of social media, dating apps, and adult websites had made this practice more common today and much easier to find.

In fact, there are websites that exist specifically for these announcements for dogging events and other exhibitionist fantasies.

What Happens Afterwards?

Generally, dogging is initiated by couples who post announcements that they will host a sexual show at a public space; usually a car park, a playground or any spot with public access.

People who are willing to watch doggers would go in the said location and enjoy the show.  This is usually set up by couples, but there are cases where singles would invite a total stranger for sex as well as other strangers to watch it.

Dogging Code Of Conduct

Yes, this act also has its own set of unwritten rules and etiquettes. It is as surprising as it could get. And doggers are bound to follow these rules if they wish to engage in this act.

No photos and videos

Due to the indecent nature of the activity, participants are averted from recording or capturing it, as this could disclose the identity of the doggers and could get them in trouble. As a watcher, you’re only allowed to sit back and enjoy the event.

Providing a clear view

This is usually done by rolling down the car windows, keeping the doors open or keeping the interior lights on for a clearer view of the action.

It’s all about giving your audience a good view of the act.


The dogging hotspots are usually open public areas like parking lots, playgrounds or apartment balconies.

Doggers usually avoid doing it during the night and perform their acts in the daylight to give their watchers a clearer view. Some doggers prefer doing it at night to minimize issues with authorities.

Is it Legal?

There’s no specific law against this act, but if you get caught there is a possibility to get charged or jailed for causing public indecency. And if you’re engaging in dogging near children or a school, you might find yourself on the sex offenders register.

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