One Man, Many Callings: India’s Leading Travel Photographer Manish Baser

Featured by global names like NatGeoIndia and ForbesTravelGuide, leading travel photographer Manish Baser has not let his high-profile corporate job come in the way of pursuing his passion.

One Man, Many Callings: Meet India’s Leading Travel Photographer Manish Baser. | Features | DKODING | Image Credits: Insta @basermanish

In today’s world, with all the stress and pressure individuals have to face, it is quite easy to give excuses when it comes to following your passions. Yet, here you have travel photographers like Manish Baser who have not let their corporate jobs come in the way of pursuing their passions. From Switzerland to New Zealand, from Iceland to Italy, this guy is scratching off destinations from his bucket list one by one.

Ace everything you indulge in: Manish Baser

From a top management executive to an acclaimed travel photographer, the journey of Manish Baser has been an inspirational one.

If you think that getting into IIT Delhi and then IIM Bangalore would be the most glorious highlights in anyone’s life, he aced it even after that. Manish auditioned for the famous “3 Idiots” movie during his term at IIM Bangalore (half of the movie was shot at IIM Bangalore) and got selected with some of the other students to act in the movie.

His interest in travel and photography inspired him to wander through the lengths and breadths of India, covering every nook and corner of the nation. When that did not satisfy his wanderlust, he mixed it up with trips abroad. Manish has been across continents and countries.

On Becoming an Instant Instagram Hit

If you go to Manish Baser’s Instagram account, his photographs are a treat to watch. When the travel photographer took up to Instagram last year, he turned out to be an instant hit. Today, Manish has over 20,000 followers who enthusiastically await his posts.

Getting featured by global accounts like NatGeoIndia and ForbesTravelGuide has brought even more credibility to his skills. Being a self-taught photographer, he has learned the intricacies of the art through sheer ingenuity. Consequently, his photographs speak for themselves.

When asked how he juggles so many things together, he says something that should make us all introspect. Manish says, “It is easy. You need not have one passion in life and there can be many things where you can find your calling. I am passionate about my corporate job. Yet, I keep listening to my inner voice when it wants to travel and do not ignore its needs”.

Manish Baser’s story inspires us all. It tells us to trust our heart and not ignore our inner self when it comes to doing things that make us happy. You can achieve whatever you want if you follow your passions.

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