7 Naughtiest Bachelor Party Destinations for Stag Celebration

Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the world to realize your Wildest Bachelor Party Ideas

A bachelor party is what men consider the most sacred of the wedding rituals. For the groom-to-be, it is the ultimate license to have a wild night out with his friends. But, gone are those days when – tequila pong with your gang at a remotely located resort skirting your city; or a weedy road trip to the Himalayas with your beloved Malibu; or an earsplitting all-nighter with kegs of beer in Goa – would do the trick for you to bid your buddy farewell before his freedom legally gets impounded.

Well, the times have changed, so have the modern-age millennial. Now, downing red wine at a private party seems nothing more than an archaic scene. So, clearly, the game has to be upped and something has to ameliorate the bachelor party standards. So, take a deep breath and a few swigs of that beer, as we take you through the world’s top 7  bachelor party destinations:

1. Las Vegas – The Sin City

Kids have Disneyland, Bachelors have Las Vegas! Yes, this Sin City is the mecca for all the men about to tie knots. Las Vegas is undoubtedly the best bachelor party destination in the world. Chase the skirts at strip clubs or score a lap dance or two. Be it the late-night clubbing scenes, hottest pool parties, or the high-stake gambling, your Las Vegas bachelor party will be an event to remember for a lifetime!

2. Rio de Janeiro – The Tinsel Town

Carnival, Samba, Sexiest Beaches, Bootylicious Babes, and Nightlong Parties – need we say more to make you book your tickets tomorrow? Yes, Rio has it all to make your bachelor’s a naughty affair. Time your trip for the carnival and the groom-to-be will be forever appreciative. Brazil is anyway home to the curviest cuties and the sexiest beaches of the world – Ipanema and Copacabana.

3. Ibiza – The Party Capital

From the fun disco-bus that takes you around the city to the popular nightclubs, such as ‘Space’ and ‘Pacha’, Ibiza makes you experience EDM like never before, and that’s why Spain happens to be among the best countries for a bachelor party! So, get your head banging, as you hop from one club to another, and dance the night away! Ibiza is one of the best destinations for even a Bachelorette Party. Hire a private boat or cruise, groove to the music, jump off to take an odd dip, let loose and unwind with your friends before you start a new phase of your life.

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4. Prague – The Stag and Hen Heaven

Prague is Europe’s favourite gem. It is unquestionably one of the best bachelor party destinations where you could be bringing your groom-to-be, as it attracts girls from all over the world from Ukrainian strippers to Asian art students. And, Czech girls, infamously touted as ‘Global Seducers’, are pretty liberal compared to their Eastern European counterparts and are high in demand. Delicious beer, multicultural overnight party scenes and legal marijuana – they all make Prague a Utopian place for your stag party. Prague also happens to be one of the cheapest cities in the world. Lastly, don’t be surprised if you bump into a hen’s gang celebrating their Bachelorette Party in Prague. You might end up living your dream bachelor party which you thought was possible only on celluloid!

5. Amsterdam – The city with the Red Light

Amsterdam is one of the most popular bachelor party destinations in the world, largely thanks to its famous Red Light District. Anyone planning a bachelor party will have at least considered taking the boys to Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ famous capital is known for its open-minded population, with world-class nightlife, its “coffee shops” where smoking weed is acceptable, the Red Light District, and striptease dinners. Even during the day, there are tons of fun activities, such as beer-bike city tours and canal boat rides through Amsterdam’s waterways. If you’re looking for a spot of culture, pay a visit to the Museum of Prostitution to open your eyes to the history of one of the oldest trades in the world.

6. Montreal – The Paris of North America

Don’t give a second thought when it comes to celebrating your bachelor party in Montreal. It’s comparatively affordable than most of the options here and the most idyllic for late night club scenes centered along the 7-mile-long Boulevard Saint-Laurent. You may not want to miss Piknic Électronik, the famous weekly dance party, and enjoy scenic views of the skyline, while you chill with your bros. The city’s summer festival lineups, which include fantastic beer, jazz and comedy fests, make it one of the most common places featuring across bachelor party invitations.

bachelor-party-destinations-friends-travel-and-food-lifestyle-DKODING DKODING | 7 Naughtiest Bachelor Party Destinations for Stag Celebration

7. Bangkok – The Fun City

When we talk about bachelor party ideas, there is no doubt that going to Bangkok is one of the top contenders and it’s quite likely that you’ll end up here if your bosom friends aren’t left with much time to plan. Its crazy nightlife, gallons of alcohol, sensuous spa parlours and exotic beaches would make you go crazy while your friend celebrates his last few days (especially nights) of freedom here.

Now that you know these best places for a bachelor party, you’re all set to gift your friend some of the most naughtiest memories of his lifetime. After all, it’s not every day that a guy gets married and not every day does he get to live his bachelor life one last time. And why not, it even made Joey and Chandler say- “It’s the end of an era!”

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