Why I Love Sharing My Husband With Another Woman

Spicing things up in a BIG way

Have you ever thought about sharing your husband with another woman? It may not be for all to do so – first set of people detest this thought, second set of people love this thought and third set of people are perhaps confused. I have lived all these three stages in my head and i do hope knowing about my experience od haring my husband with another woman will give you a perspective to choose.

Sharing my husband with another woman was a thought that would invariably excite me. I have no qualms confessing – watching regular porn injected this thrill into me. I was geting unbearably wet with an idea of sharing my husband with another woman. Perhaps it was my time for some threesome play.

In this story, I am sharing with you all – sharing is caring pleasure – something that’s all too rare.  And how it felt seeing my husband licking and f*cking another woman in front of my eyes.

Sharing my husband with another woman

When my husband and i got married , we were smitten and madly in love. It was love + lust at its best and we were living in our own fantasy world. He would drive me crazy and trick me into dirty talking and role-plays. We were happily married and our sex life rocked.

We had nicely maintained a healthy sex life by experimenting and pushing boundaries. Major props were our real open-mindedness and our ability to keep things light and fun. So…

Unlike many couples, we were freehwheeling and literally could talk anything sex – our sexual preferences, sharing fantasies without any apprehensions whatsoever. No fears. No in-secruities.

Sharing my husband with another woman

Sharing my husband with another woman

Power of three – Pleasure all around

I would find myself imagining sharing my husband with another woman while making love and the thought gave me massive orgasms. I wanted to see him f*king another woman in my presence. I thought about it and questioned myself as to what’s wrong with me. I tried not to think about it but didn’t work. I then relaised it was about time to make my fantasy a reality.

As a result of my decision to go for a threesome sex, i shared with my husband the fantasy of having him f*ck another woman in front of me. No surprises – he was all ready and up for it.

This wasn’t with sex toys threesome but real now. We were lust filled and all game.

Following his consent, I was to find a lady now. I needed her to be open for all things sex and quite slutty.

Sharing my husband with another woman

She has to be a complete slut material to fulfill my deepest fantasy. It turned me on no ends. I was to make this happen now.

Finding a perfect woman for sharing my husband

It seemed like a hard task but finally i did get the right woman. She was perfect considering she was absolutely open for the idea. We got talking and became friends. It was important to have certain comfort between the two of us before i told her i will be present in the room. She was happy to have me around and she offered to give me oral pleasure before getting on to my husband.

finding perfect woman for threesome dkoding

Threesomes are amazing because there’s so much to soak in. The hotel room was booked for fulfilling my desire of sharing my husband with another woman. I was having it my way.

Nothing beats a hotel room for an act as kinky as this

We considered options for the hotel away from home and didn’t want to risk bumping into anyone known. We were clear keeping everyday life and fantasies away from eachother.

RULES: Actually, no rules of the game and play as it comes. Cuddle, kiss, ass eating, butt sex – do whatever as long as three of us were comfortable. No holding back and no awkwardness.

My threesome bliss: the setting was perfect

On the day of threesome i told my husband, you are so lucky. He felt nervious. We were to get ready and leave for the hotel. Didn’t want to waste anytime.

Following a nice welcome at the hotel, we headed to our room. Showered, cuddled a bit and f*cked a little too and no cumming. We were waiting for the lady to arrive and here she comes – spot on time.

finding perfect woman for threesome dkoding

Thankfully, there was no awkwardness in the room. All three of us felt at ease. She looked hot in her slutty dress and my husband was all eyes on her big b*obs. He was turned on looking at her big b*obs – bigger than mine. She remebered her promise and started kissing me and in no time went down on me. I wasn’t new to a lesbian experince but this woman knew what she was doing. It threw me wild and crazy. I can say she was artist of the craft.

finding perfect woman for threesome dkoding

Join us

My husband needed to join in now, he came over and took my nipples in his mouth. I was moaning and how loudly. My husband was playing with my b*obs while she was eating my wet p*ssy. I felt an insane pleasure.

I had to take the next move and was dying to see my husband going down on her. I moved a bit, shifted and gave way for them to kiss. She was feeling him all over. He was already rock hard. So I grabbed his d*ck to s*ck and he straight went down on her and i know how much he likes to eat p*ssy. Perfect scenary and exactly how i had imagined. My husband was into her p*ssy, licking it with tongue rolling all over – turned me wild. She saw me mad and made me sit on her face. She was eating my dripping p*ssy and licking all my juices. WOW!

He started to f*ck her while she contunued to eat me. I was so horny seeing my husband inside her p*ssy and f*cking her hard. He couldnt keep it up and just came. We needed more so he apologized and stepped out for a smoke break.

I must say this woman was a super professional. She seemed an expert in ass eating. She started licking and eating my ass. I was having an anal orgasm for the first time in my life. When my husband got back and saw two sluts f*cking eachother – it was his time now. He was hard again and ready to thrust his c*ck into her p*ssy.

ass eating sex dkoding

I was horny as hell seeing the two f*cking eachother, filled with pleasure. He was going full throttle thrusting her and later hef*cked both of us one by one. Dripping p*ssies, rock hard c*ck and my lusty threesome fantasy.

The chemistry between us was on point, with our every move seemingly natural and flawless. 

How did it feel to see him fill her p*ssy with his cum

I had no idea that firstly that sharing my husband with another woman would thrill me so much. More so that seeing him fill her p*ssy with his cum was deadly. We all came and knew we needed more.

We sat thereafter, chatted and discovered more of eachother. It was fun filled late afternoon full of sexiness and lust. After a couple of hours westarted again and this time even more well co-rodinated.

sharing your portner with another woman dkoding

My experience of sharing my husband with another woman can be summed up in one word: FUN. It was playful and insanely hot sex for me. Enjoyed!

Your Questions. My Answers.

Is it worth sharing your husband or partner with another woman?

I say, Go for it but…

Sharing partners is a personal decision and can be arrived at only after careful discussions. The couples need to feel secured with eachother and there should be no set rules as such for a threesome. For it happens, all in the moment and flow. I would definitely say go for it.

You are spicing up your sex life in a BIG way by liberating eachther.

threesome sex dkoding

The Risk, if at all

The risk of sharing partners could be unsafe sex and the more you do it the more you want the more of it. Moreover you have freed yourselves from any inhibitions and as human tendency in the natural – you could be possibly enjoying casual sex outside without eachother knowledge.

If that happens then all considerations will go out of window and relationship is bound to be tottered. Be doubly sure of what you are getting into and if you can keep this in great balance.

Does sharing your partner change your relationship?

Yes and No both actually. It has to be built on a solid foundation of faith and commitments. You have to be 100% committed to eachother and threesomes is your way of spicing things up.

If both of you are into it for the sake of fun and not your need arising from the lack of fire in your own bedroom (so to say deprived) then this could be fatal.

Make sure not to leave one inch of skin untouched, and with more hands to do the touching, the sensations are intensified. Needless to say, all three of them are wholly stimulated and it’s incredible. 

I have known couples who tried it a few times and then decided to stop it. There are also people who have taken their threesomes play to a next level of foursomes, couple swapping and so on so forth.

The more the merrier. The wetter the better. All licking, kissing, touching is multiplied by three.

sharing my husband with another woman sex dkoding

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