Love Triangle – Equation with Caution

A love triangle is a scenario when there is love in the air but too many noses to feed.

Triangle might be the most stable structures in nature but when it comes to love, sex and relationship, two intersecting lines are a better option for a prolonged and drama free life. So before we give you guidance on how to break this triangle of jeopardy you better understand what a love triangle is.

Two types of love triangles:-

  1. “Kuch kuch hota hai” triangle – where two people fall for the same person.
  2. “Kal ho na ho” Triangle – where you are in a relationship with one but are attracted to a third person.

As much as love triangle might sound fun and give rise to a naughty thought in your mind (Starting with three and ending with some), this dual courtship is very psychologically disruptive for all the three parties involved. It’s bound to hurt someone and is very toxic for your life. (Maybe someone might die too, RIP souls of Tina and Aman from above-mentioned classics)

First, communication is the key to handle the worst situation in your life. Love triangles breed jealousy and if your lover is having an affair with someone, you need to confront him/her or you might stress lose your hair. Be honest with whatever you are feeling and share your heart out.

“Phrase it less as an ultimatum and more as a testament to your self-respect to get out of this gridlock.”


If you are at the center of this problem, then the communication you need is with yourself. Asses your feelings and confront what exactly or who exactly is it that you want. Analyze if it’s a conflict of lust vs routine in your mind. And once you are clear about it, share it with your partners in the best way possible. (Leave it to the animal kingdom to have physical fights over a mate)

 Now that you have put all your cards on table, you need to give everyone a time out and let the other two parties come on terms with your decisions. If you are the one who asked your partner to decide between you and the ‘other you’, you need to give him/her to make their decision. And if the end result is negative for you, then give your heart time to heal.

And if you are the heartbreaking kid in the block, then it’s okay to feel guilty. You can’t control your feelings but you can control how you handle them.  So it might take time for things to get back normal, but until then you don’t need to drown in the pool of self-blame.

“The best you can do is to handle this situation with maturity and level mindedness.”

At the end of it, you need to understand that it’s not the end of the world. Nobody can control who they fall for. Being sensitive and respectful about the whole scenario can save you a lot of mental and emotional dilemma.

“This romantic geometry might be worse than the equations where you had to find the value of X. So handle this delicate equation with caution and try not to get lost in this Bermuda triangle” – Preeti Khanuja

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