How are Taureans in bed?

Grabbing this bull by the horns in bed is not an easy task. You need patience and practice to get them roaring in bed.

Taureans are an intensely sensual sign but it is quite a struggle to get people from this sun sign to get it going on in the bedroom. Sex as an activity is quite physical to Taurus, and an uphill battle. A struggle of sorts. Taurus sign is slow to get turned on, sometimes very slow. But then the excitement lasts for long. So, a quickie is not a cup of tea for the bulls. A “longie” on the other hand might be in their field, with a lot of sweat and strain.

Enjoying connection during sex, missionary allows Taurus to face their partner and really feel their feelings

They are an earthy sign with strong romanticism due to its rulership by Venus- that give it an instinctive understanding of how to turn on a lover.

Hence seduction and foreplay are of utmost importance for these bulls.

Skip on these two and you can kiss your chance to sleep with the bulls a long goodbye.

Any element of uncertainty or unpredictability will dampen their libido. This might lead to creating an image of Vanilla for these Taureans. But don’t let this make you forget how bulls behave once they are in a ring. They are highly physical partners with a very distinct idea of what sex should be. Yes, there might be prolonged periods of abstinence between highly intense acts of sex.

Venus rules Fridays
and both day and planet are symbolic of passion, excitement, satisfaction, pleasure, and joy

What you must understand is that security and stability go hand in hand with sexual fulfilment for Taurus.

A fairly reliable partner and an animal in bed (Once you press right buttons), Taurus bull is a sun sign worth waiting for.

LUCKY COLOURS: White & Green

Sexual fidelity- As bulls aren’t adventurous souls so it’s safe to say their partners need not worry about them grazing in other fields. Haters of any change, it’s difficult for them to stray away from the status quo. They do, however, have a voracious sexual appetite that requires regular satisfaction.

Compatible Zodiac Signs


Taureans sexuality mingles well with Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Signs to avoid for the bulls would be Aquarius and Leo.

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