Afternoon Sex Advantages

After learning about what the advantages of afternoon sex are, you’ll want to start heading home with your lover for a lunch break. Here’s how to get naughty in the noon. Sex is great fun.

Getting intimate with your partner and having an awesome time together is something we all look forward to.

And one way to have that same sort of fun while making a boring day a lot brighter is to have a nooner.

Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING

What is a nooner or afternoon sex?

It might have an odd name but by definition, a nooner is really just a quick romp with your lover in the middle of the day, hence the name “noon” in the word. You get together over your lunch break or just a break and have one out before returning to work.

But it doesn’t have to be a workday in order to be a nooner. Basically, any sex act in the middle of the day can be called a nooner. Since people typically have sex early in the morning or later in the evening, a special name was coined to the act when it happens midday.

Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING

How to make your nooner worth the trip home

If you didn’t know how to do it right, this type of sex act in the middle of the day can be a little hassle, especially if you’re specifically heading home over your lunch break to do it. Knowing what advantages are there to afternoon sex and how to get it done the right way can certainly help you both have a happy ending.

Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING

#1 Plan for it

 Sure, afternoon sex can be spontaneous and fun, but in order to take full advantage of it and result in both people finishing, plan for it. Tell your partner you want to get one in on your lunch break and make sure they’re down for it. Do the dirty but not in a hurry!

The more ready for it you are, the better. 

#2 Expect a quickie

Once again, nooners aren’t supposed to be very long. Since it happens in the middle of the day and both people generally have to head to work or do something important, you both should not spend a lot of time on it.

That means foreplay won’t be lasting very long. You’ll have to get yourself in the mood for sex beforehand in order to allow both of you to get off in the end.

Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING

#3 Get the foreplay started way ahead of time

Foreplay might be your main responsibility. However, you can also sext to get a head start.

Just text your lover and get things going. Turn them on the most you can so when you finally see each other, you just want to get to the fun sex part. This makes you both ready to get naughty and in the mood to get off.

Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING
Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING
Afternoon Sex Advantages DKODING

#4 Use every minute you have

 You don’t have a lot of time and that means you have to make every minute count. Don’t waste time doing the talking or figuring out which position you want. Know those things ahead of time and go for it

So get right to the deed when you see each other. Avoid spending time on small talk and start ripping each other’s clothes off right away.

#5 Perfect your quickie

 This isn’t a long sex session and that’s one of the advantages of the afternoon sex. You won’t be spending hours banging each other and that means you have to be fast your quickie.

Because, a nooner is a quickie in the middle of the day, and honestly, nothing gets better than this.

Figure out which positions are best for getting you both off and what you both need to have a great time beforehand and focus purely on the sex.

#6 Use the positions that work best for both of you

 Since you won’t be switching too many positions too fast, pick one or two that are best for both of you and focus on making them mind-blowing.

Since men and women tend to enjoy different positions, start with the woman’s preference so she can get off and then switch to the one the man prefers so he can finish.

#7 Use some lube

 Lube will be a huge advantage for your afternoon sex session. You may need some help getting things ready to go down there without having a lot of time on your hands.

afternoon sex is fun dkoding

Not only does it make it easier to get right to sex, but using lube with some sort of stimulant can help both of you get off faster than you normally would in a normal time span. Have some on you for wherever you decide to get it on and then get to work.

#8 Don’t take your clothes off

 It’s time-consuming to take both of your clothes off completely. Unless you both have to be naked in order to get off, opt to only for the basic necessities to come off.

This is so that you can spend more time doing the deed instead of getting dressed and take full advantage of your afternoon sex. Ladies, dresses or skirts are made for this in particular deed and leave so much time for getting naughty. 

#9 Use your hands to help out

This is specifically for the ladies out there. Women take longer to finish and many don’t actually orgasm solely through penetration. And so it’s recommended. No shame in taking advantage of the moment to get where you wish to be.

have sex in the afternoon and relax dkoding

So while you’re having sex, make sure you’re helping yourself out if you want to make the most of that afternoon sex.

#10 Have fun with it and relax

 Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves, just enjoy it. If one or both of you don’t finish, that’s fine. You still had fun and it still felt good for the time being. Just relax and enjoy your time with your partner and take full advantage of that afternoon sex session.

There’s no need to be super stressed about the nooner. Yes, the idea is for both of you to finish but in the event that it is, don’t have some unsaid pressure. You had fun and you got to spend time bonding in a sexy way banging.

Post Sex relax dkoding

You’re one lucky person if you get to have a nooner or even the option of afternoon sex.

In order to take full advantage of it, follow these tips and you’ll be on cloud nine before the day is even halfway over.

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