When he Can't get 'IT' up

When he can’t get ‘IT’ up

Here are some reasons why sometimes the sails don’t go up.

Poor men! For all the blessings bestowed upon the gender with XY chromosome, God did hand out a cruel, raw deal to the testosterone-pumping lot. It is a universal, well-documented and widely-admitted fact, that men thrive on sex. It wont be wrong to say that this three-lettered word, makes their world go round. Men like to believe that they are sex Gods; and their most precious members should behave like Thor’s hammer, hard, fast and precise.

So without beating around the bush too much, let’s address the elephant in the room. Men who are allegedly ‘designed’ to love sex, CANNOT have sex as much and as often, as they would like to. They need their much-needed ‘break’ to ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘ recuperate’. Ah, the injustice!

Now who remembers this scene from ‘Two and a  half men’ in which Jon Cryer’s character, Alan Harper, cheats on Lindsey (played by Courtney Thorne-smith). Lucky Alan has a wild time with this pretty young thing. Boy does he brag! But the rug gets pulled from under his feet, when Lindsey decides to seduce him for a passion-filled night, THAT VERY NIGHT! Poor Alan has a tough time ‘getting it up’.

So how do male porn stars manage? Well, they too suffer from this heartless technical glitch despite being hung like a horse. They have a rigorous routine right before the ‘act’. They are required to abstain from any physical intimacy prior to the shoot. They also have fluffers to help them maintain their erection. (For the ignorant lot, fluffers are people whose job is to help the male porn stars maintain their erection, by lending a hand or a head). And also not to forget, the blue pill always comes handy, if the need be.

For men, sex is more about ego, than physical pleasure. It is like anathema, if they cannot do it as many times, as their woman in bed, demands it. It is a blow to their masculinity if they cannot ‘get it up’. Such a dire need must have paved the way for men’s answer to all their prayers: Viagra, the renowned blue pill. This man-made miracle does come with its own risks and has proved fatal for some unlucky few. So men are still at sea, about this hugely important matter.

Well, here are some reasons, besides the very serious medical erectile dysfunction, behind men’s droopy issue:

She is way too out of his league: when men cannot believe their luck how they landed that hot girl, they get nervous. This nervousness travels down there and plays havoc on ‘ahem ahem’. Someone rightly said that sex is definitely between your ears and not between your legs.

When the tongue spews venom: No matter how hot a woman is, if she puts her man down, with constant barbs and insults, sex goes out of the window. At least for men.

Appearance, appearance, appearance: Well men are visual creatures. All is well, if there are good looks, good looks and good looks. Oh yeah, it’s all about the packaging baby. A little lipstick, a whiff of perfume, a quick trip to the salon, goes a long way to ensure the stiffness and bigness of ‘Little John’.

Go easy on that bottle: Alcohol, for all its contributions towards spicing things up in the bedroom, can throw cold water on all the sex plans. Enjoy the drink, but having it to the point of slurring the words, can put the little guy to sleep.

There are and can be many more reasons behind the temporary penile droopiness. Most of the time, it’s all in the mind and ‘overuse’. But men must not fret much. You know what women think when their partners are ‘uh’ going through their ‘little’ crisis? All they want is, to give a hug to their hurly-burly old man and cuddle all night. See women like to tend and mother and comfort. They feel deeper connection if they can be by their dude’s side, in his time of need. So all the men out there for this time just pop a chill pill.

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