Is ‘Six-Pack Abs’ Sexy?

If you want to look like a fitness magazine cover page model and are chasing a goal to have defined abs – then this piece of article may make perfect sense for you. 

Pankaj Sharma –  a popular Delhi based model and trainer said: I am often asked what does it take to achieve this model modern look and the kind of exercises that can bring it on fast – What are the food habits to go with this regime? All reading materials on fitness, youtube videos and mobile apps will certainly suggest a fast formula or one or two workouts for achieving ‘Six-Pack Abs’  but I will never recommend that to my friends or clients”

So what does it take to get in the “Six-pack abs’ shape and is it worth it?

The abs and food do not share a great rapport with each other and therefore it is an unnatural process that one has to go through. Specially in case of women this proportion gets even more difficult considering women in general would need a body fat of 18 – 20 % minimum to stay fertile and also have unaffected menstrual cycles. Men, on the other hand can go as low as 5 – 8 % and still maintain a healthy life.

In todays well exposed world and with social media sending trends home – Everyone wants to achieve this level of fitness defined by so called ‘six-pack’ – and who doesn’t like compliments!

It is assumed that people with six-pack abs possess immense core strength and after passing a compliment ( with a tinge of jealousy) – they would want to know ‘the secret’ – invariably say or wish I have your abs ! And the standard answer is : my secret to six packs is running a few miles everyday and burning calories – avoiding fast food, cola, beer and so on so forth but you see – none wants to hear this. They want to know the ‘real secret’ and if that includes anything to do with supplements that can fast pace the process of being healthy with six-pack abs.

People with six-pack are everything else but healthy. It’s safe to say – it could potentially be a suffering that one has to go through and the side affects could be detrimental for a sustained healthy life. One will feel exhausted sooner rather than later as its a constant fight between the natural and the unnatural.

For models, actors, trainers – there is constant reinforcement of positivity to maintain this regime as it financially pays off. Therefore they can afford to focus on living this look or perhaps have no choice left but to maintain this morphed look to stay in the game. Can majority afford to live this undeniable routine of being in the gym for hours together, almost everyday.

To have a six-pack – may feel powerful, awesome and sexy but it’s also like bringing a constant pain on to yourself. Six Pack Abs is definitely not a sign of health or strength or happiness. 


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