An ode to a healthy vagina life

Dear Vagina,

As much as I am glad to have you as a part of my life, you sometimes can be a ‘bewitch’ to deal with. Those weird itches, bumps and sore spots keep reminding me of your delicate existence. Don’t get me wrong, having you in my life is no doubt an orgasmic experience (wink wink) but since you are such an out there kind of organ in my body and have many foreign visitors (Tampons, fingers, penises, and more), you are prone to attract a lot of unwanted attention from bacteria and infections.

But since you are me and I am you, I swear to take care of us. I am aware that the road to healthier and happy vagina starts with quality habits and health practices. So I am going to stop probing you and get on with certain steps to ensure you remain content, your highness.

Yours lovingly.

1. No more dry sex

Women often mistake the soreness and dryness during sex as part and parcel to go to pleasure land. But this isn’t the case and if anyone tells you otherwise, slap them hard (not in a kinky way). Lube is your vagina’s best friend. If you don’t get naturally wet during sex or your wetness wear off in the mid-hump, try keeping some good quality lubrication by the side of your bed to use it whenever you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be shy around your partner about this. Take care of your lady parts before you get it hard.

vagina-safety-health-and-fitness-lifestyle-Dkdoing DKODING- An ode to a healthy vagina life

2. Get offensive and not defensive

We all suddenly become pro vagina health and starts giving knowledge to ladies around us after we get hit by the infection train. But before that, we tend to shut our eyes and look the other way. But that’s how people with vagina often end up on that weird gynecologist’s examination bed and has their feet touch the sky. Certain Vaginal probiotic and hygiene wash helps in maintaining that perfect health.

3. Pills wouldn’t protect you against STD’s

Pregnancy might be the scariest word for some women but they are nothing against three words which are downright Haunted horror story. Sexually transmitted diseases a.k.a. STD’s. Pills might be an effective contraceptive against having unwanted babies but they don’t protect you from infections. So don’t skip on using condoms if you are out on one night stands and doesn’t know your partner well.

4. Healthy diet and lifestyle

If you want your Lady-V and yourself to be glowing while having best of all worlds, then you need to skip on that 30-minutes delivery and choose a diet which is considered rich for your vajax health. Opt for some common foods that will help you strengthen and preserve your vaginal health.

5. Never be shy around your gynecologist

There is very little that an experienced gynecologist or nurse practitioner hasn’t heard, so don’t be embarrassed. Your gynecologist is there to give you care and support, and your office visits are intended to be totally safe spaces so bare your heart in front of them without a worry. Finding a non-judgy gyno might be a task in the beginning but you need to kick away that awkwardness and get talking about your honey pot with an expert.


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