Unveiling the CYCL(O): Noordung Smart Bike!

Noordung Smart Bike! Designers, the world over have been creating designs to endeavor and shape technology innovatively in a manner that it becomes approachable, accessible and smarter.

The ‘Noordung’ smart bike is one such invention. The looks are definitely of a bike, but as they say, looks are often deceptive. This futuristic-looking bike is actually an electrically operated cycle or a light bike, promoting health.

The look and feel of the design is truly a futuristic vision that may enable individuals to take up this greenest form of transportation. After all, it takes immense motivation to take up this healthier, yet hardworking path. The overall design helps to provide this inspiration.

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING


In fact, it can transform any ordinary looking bike into a smart bike. The technology involves buying an autonomous boom-box type of detachable gadget with the ‘Noordung’ smart bike. The gadget is quite good to look at itself, with a unique curvy body and clean straight lines for the outline. The available silver color further adds the zing.  This boom-box is completely mobile in its functionality. It can either be fixed on to the bike or taken out and hung over the listener’s shoulder with the provided strap. It looks cool and classy by all means.

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING


Research has proven time and again that, workouts get easier and better with fast rhythmic music. This is the major reason behind good music played during heavy workout sessions. The same concept applies to ‘Noordung’. The innovative boom box is a portable music player with a crystal clear voice and quality surround sound. The speakers are powered at 20Watts, a decent size for all kinds of music.

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING

There is also a Class D amplifier attached for better effectiveness of the sound. Moreover, it can be easily connected to a smart-phone to play your favorite playlists while the rider cycles it through around town. It also serves the same purpose when detached from the bike.

It doubles up as a complete beautifully designed music speaker that can be hung to your side like a ‘purse’. After all, why should the car drivers have all the fun!

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING


Another important, but the lesser-known fact about ‘Noordung’ is that it is a true health machine. Apart from enhancing workout experience, it guides the rider to zero in on the perfect environment to work-out as well. In technology-first progression regard, this boom-box takes in air samples from around itself and in real-time measures and records the amount of pollutants present in it in terms of PM.

The rider can thus, zero in on the most health-friendly and oxygen-rich path to cycle on.  ‘Noordung’ is truly smart-device with smart technology and smart functionalities. It does not just make them look future-ready; rather make them so realistically.

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING


We all travel long distances, to reach our destinations. Be it going to an office, school, home, friend’s place, café, parent’s house and whatnot. The smart person of today undoubtedly requires a good-looking, yet efficient option to reach there that shall suit your personality and life choices. ‘Noordung’ happens to ace all these verticals.

The world’s smallest and lightest electric café racer (including the boom-box) is available in various designs and colors on the website, to suit all preferences. Its erogenous design and smart looks are sure to attract eyeballs from all around.

This 20-kilogram (2.5 kg extra for the boom-box) weighing cycling wonder is sure to make its owner the talk of the town. Sounds interesting already!

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING


Our choices define who we are and what we shall develop into. ‘Noordung’ is a true-blue green environment-friendly choice to make. Developed in Slovenia, Europe this electric bike actually tends to run or a 4-hour charge or 36 volts, 250 W batteries.

With hydraulic brakes system and two gears to choose from, this design wonder has the prowess to become a part of an individual’s daily life and truly make a difference. Thus, the rider shall cycle the bike to power and then ride to his or her destination in style.

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING

As a human and as a social being our journeys are never-ending. In the hindsight, each of this journey that we undertake tends to cost our environment a great deal in terms of pollution, particles, heat, carbon dioxide and monoxide emissions, amongst others.

It is high time, we switch to progressive travel means to eliminate these costs and make our existence sustainable for nature as a whole. This smart cycle (o) bike, ‘Noordung’ can become the lightest solution to this most overbearing issue of our times.

Noordung Smart Bike | DKODING

We are proud to present the Noordung Angel Edition – an exclusive pre-production series of only 15 handmade, precisely crafted urban electric Noordung bikes.

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