Why Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is the Best Podcast ever?

The famous talk show host is driving a revolution in the podcast world emerging as the best host of the day with Conan O’Brien needs a friend.

Is ‘Conan O’Brien needs a friend’ the best podcast till date? | TV & Web | Image Credits: DKODING Studio

Is ‘Conan O’Brien needs a friend’ the best podcast till date? A heading made the headlines last week. It claimed that ‘Conan O’Brien needs a friend’ was “driving” the podcast revolution.

Conan O’Brien’s words threaded in this particular format created frenzy among the podcast fans.

Best Podcast Ever: Everybody needs a friend like Conan O’Brien. | TV & Web | DKODING | Image Credits: Variety

Are you a podcast fan? Do you think that the comedian has really revolutionized the whole arena of podcasts in the short span since he went live in November 2018? But if you are new to the world of podcasts, you might take some time to develop an idea of what the show is all about.

At Best, the Genesis of the Conan O’Brien Podcast

The whole podcast started after the 56-year-old comedian’s talk show hiatus. So, when the podcast aired on 18 November 2018, O’Brien announced, “After 25 years of extensive market research, we have learned that people want to hear my voice without seeing my face. So rejoice, America.”

Video Credits: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Moreover, many of the episodes feature the host periodically reading ads which are sometimes introduced as a segment called ‘Conan O’Brien Pays Off The Mortgage on his Beach House.’ A witty take for a commercial break, don’t you agree?

Conan O’Brien Podcasts need Celebrity Friends

‘Conan O’Brien needs a friend’ is a show that is centered on comedy (after all O’Brien is a well-known American comedian). This is a gist of what happens on the show: Every episode revolves around a celebrity who is invited on the show. In fact, the show opens with the guest stating their name along with “I feel _____ about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.” This is the format of the first 36 episodes (first season) of the show. And the show got some of the funniest answers to the fill-in-the-blank opening question.

The guests who feature on Conan O’Brien’s best podcast ranged from actors to comedian to political figures. A list of these might give you an idea about the popularity of the show: Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama, Kristen Bell and many more. What’s more, the show ranks in one of the top podcasts on iTunes! Are you already thinking of plugging in?

How his Podcasts touches latest Issues?

Now that we have established what the show is all about, we might say Conan O’Brien might not be the driving force of the podcast industry, but he sure did revolutionize the format in some respects. According to an interesting article, “He dialed back the solipsism that Maron and Hardwick ushered in and that has peaked on Dax Shepard’s podcast and found the happy medium between Maron and Terry Gross.

Video Credits: Team Coco

Conan O’Brien’s latest podcast has made it possible for me to safely put my smartphone back in my pocket while I’m listening to podcasts because I no longer need to fast-forward through all the parts where the host is opening himself up to the guest in an effort to get the guest to open up to him.”

What is unique about Conan O’Brien needs a friend?

What is unique about Conan O’Brien’s latest podcast is that the host is not trying to scoop out information or get any insights from the guests. On the contrary, he is just hanging out with his friends (as the shows’ name suggests).

Video Credits: Team Coco

Or with people, he would like to be friends with. There is always something new on the show, something that is not already known. In fact, even if you don’t know who Conan O’Brien is, it is not going to stop you from falling in love with the show.

The revolutionary controversy

Recently, ‘Conan O’Brien needs a friend’ became a trending topic all thanks to an interview report by Variety that glorified the comedian and his latest podcast. Though the glory was justified, the fans of the podcast were not comfortable with the portrayal of him as “driving” podcast revolution.

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This is how the report opens, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” is an irresistible mixture of philosophical discussions about art and life and pure zaniness. It’s a program from the late-night host turned podcasting ringmaster that defies easy characterization, and a show that manages to move seamlessly from moments of hilarity to unexpected instances of confession.”

Does Conan O’Brien need more friends?

Apart from the first season, a second one is also on the plate for Conan O’Brien. He announced the show after running six special episodes of Deep Dive with Dana Carvey.

The truth is that the host of ‘Conan O’Brien needs a friend’ has a limited number of friends at best, whom he interviews on his podcast.

This celebrity-interviewing-celebrity format allows a more genuine back and forth about their life. And in this arrangement, Conan strikes a perfect balance between comedy and interview throughout the show. Besides, his assistant, Sona, and producer Matt make sure they balance his comedic ego with reality. If you haven’t watch Conan O’Brien’s brilliant podcasts, watch them here.

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