The Split of Phoenix Force and Vicious X-Men vs Avengers

The final showdown between the two largest teams of Marvel, we see no bargains being made. Starting where we left off, Avengers, X Men and the entire planet Earth is in trouble.

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We are facing a massive threat to our planet because dark phoenix is coming to take over through Hope. We see it destroy Jean Grey in the comics and X Men are sure of the fate of anyone whom it gets inside. The battle moves to the moon as both teams combine and make one final stand for stopping Phoenix Force from reaching Earth. The charge is led by Iron man and GIANT man though. How about we see some of this stuff, eh Disney?

The Battle on the Moon

The teams fight against each other, trying to decide what to do about the situation at hand. Avengers vs X Men sounds really cool but it is actually not the most fun thing in the world. Do you want to know why? Well, they are both trying to figure out a way of saving the planet.

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They have the same motives. Thor falls to the lunar surface, defeated by the Entity at hand. This will take over the world if left unchecked within Hope Summers. Wolverine has promised Hope that he is going to kill her if she asks him to and goes too crazy.

This is exactly what happens on the moon after Thor’s fall on the moon. Until Iron man and GIANT Man use the machine they create in the hope of stopping or killing this entity. Somehow this mission is successful and unsuccessful all at the same time. The two Avengers fire this seemingly fantastic and powerful laser on the approaching enemy as the alert goes off. Everything in the Marvel universe is smaller than the Phoenix Force and there is no defeating it so easily. Hope Summers asks WOLVERINE to kill her but before he can something else happens.

The division of The Phoenix Force

Iron Man and Antman’s laser gun split the Phoenix Force instead of doing anything else to it. The Phoenix Force enters the bodies of Cyclops, Colossal, Namor, Emma Frost and Magic. This leads to destructive consequences throughout the Earth. The purpose of the Phoenix Force is to destroy and recreate as it wishes.

Fragments of the Dark Phoenix inside the X Men lead them to believe that they are supposed to cleanse the planet. Cyclops and Emma Frost take over a lot of infrastructures made by Shield and distribute food and other materials throughout the planet. They contain within themselves the most amount of power; this has devastating consequences for the comic universe.

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Training to be Better – Hope Summer

In the time that all this happens, Hope Summers goes to train at the same place as the Iron Fist. She tries to prepare herself enough to be able to contain and control the Phoenix Force when it gets inside of her.
Will Hope be able to gain focus and control over her abilities or will the Universe have to surrender…?

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