Not John Wick, Not Neo: It’s Keanu Reeves who rules the World

Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly the internet’s darling, and while movies like Matrix and John Wick did contribute, there’s something else that sets him apart and above the rest.

Not John Wick, Not Neo: It’s Keanu who rules the World | Newsline | DKODING

The Keanu Reeves effect has virtually entranced the social media. The man is everywhere on the internet.

Reeves has hit worldwide fame and arguably hit a bigger peak than the Matrix charm from two decades ago.

While the cult Matrix Trilogy made Reeves a household name across the planet. But Keanu Reeves isn’t just another celebrity in the offing. Far enough, he comes across as the perfect professional Hollywood actor that everyone wants to be a fan off.

Keanu Reeves’ has hit a green patch again

Reeves is back in limelight big time. The recent releases – Toy Story 4, John Wick: Chapter 3 – along with the upcoming game featuring Reeves, Cyberpunk 2077 have together created a worldwide wave of the good guy Keanu.

Keanu Reeves’ has hit a green patch again | Newsline | DKODING | Image Credits: Men’s Fitness

He is getting memes in his name. Every media (including us) is writing about Reeves. The John Wick and Matrix star is a sensational pop culture meme trend too, right from the 2011 meme that solidified Reeves’ humane reception.

Kicking up the Meme culture

It was in 2003, we last saw Keanu Reeves go down a deep rabbit hole. But out through the other end, the Hollywood action hero lives on in the hearts of many, still as Neo today. The ‘Red Pill’ troll group that has been on Reddit for ages is living proof of the impact Matrix as a movie had on society.

Keanu Reeves memes | Newsline | DKODING

Countless memes have been made out of this moment alone. In 2019, today, Keanu is perhaps the most loved figure on the internet. Unlike the people who made an impact that nobody is talking about, it is the humanity of existence on Keanu’s face that we all relate with. Keanu comes across as a professional who never puts up a facade.

Keanu Reeves memes | Newsline | DKODING

Movies are fine, but E3 exemplified the Reevolution

John Wick took Reeves’ three-decade long career as an action hero to unprecedented heights. It is no doubt fuelled by the phenomenal internet generation. And it’s to do with his amazing resonance with the common men of the world.

All this makes Reeves story not just a fantastic lore of an action hero but a heartfelt engaging story close to his fans across franchise like John Wick and Matrix, geeky E3 fans who now have their internet darling in Cyberpunk 2077. But he is endeared by all and sundry for his simplistic down-to-earth persona that’s won millions of hearts multiple times.

The E3 – Breath taking moment for Internet

But John Wick phenomenon is not the most recent thing Keanu came into the public eye for. America is fingerling about the time during E3 announcement of Cyberpunk 2077. When Keanu talked about the upcoming game, he had exclaimed, “This game is gonna be breath taking.”

A fan from the audience replied, “You’re breath taking!”. Keanu enthusiastically sent his love back, “You’re breath taking!

You’re all breath taking.” And we’ve never seen a bigger roar from an audience. The video was the most shared clip ever from E3. Watching it is an exhilarating experience that tells you exactly why the world is crazy about Keanu.

The Darling of the Meme-Crazy Geek Army

This is not the first time that Keanu was used as a template for meme-making. It was 9 years ago when we saw the Sad Keanu meme, showing him sitting on a bench, contemplating human existence.

Video Credits: PewDiPie

This went viral as the world was beginning to accept the emergence of internet photographic content. Memes are the bane and boon of the internet today but it has been the cause of the Keanu Revolution that we see today. Keanu Reeves has been at the helm of the meme revolution and is the apple of the eye for meme crazy platforms like Reddit and 9Gag.

Why Keanu Reeves is out of the ordinary?

The traditional way of getting famous in Hollywood is not the best way anymore. He has proliferated the new age culture by being no more than himself. And audiences have made him into the idealistic role model that he is today.

Video Credits: Charisma on Command

The humble nature of the man and his portrayal of sheer kindness, offering a seat to a lady on the NYC tube. This too became a meme, quoting Keanu Reeves as the “good guy”. This good guy effect has taken the most effective and widespread route, making Keanu famous the world over.

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