Neo vs John Wick In 2021 – Who Wins?

John wick vs Neo comparison! Neo defies every concept of physics, and John Wick disregards every concept of physics – But who would win if both of Keanu Reeves’ alter egos clash?

Neo vs. John Wick: When Keanu’s alter egos clash, which one wins? | Hollywood | DKODING | Image Credits: Looper

Keanu Reeves is now 53 years old, but he remains an A-list action hero, three decades into his career. Keanu is definitely at his best as an action hero in both ‘The Matrix’ and ‘John Wick’.

For fans, Keanu Reeves is the central figure of both action film franchises, firstly as Neo in the Matrix trilogy and now as John Wick in John Wick trilogy. But what about Neo vs John Wick?

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Action Stars against Each Other

Both these trilogies have been praised by fans for their action and incredible special effects and fighting scene. But today, we have decided to step out of the fan comfort zone and pit the two super cool action stars against each other.  

Who will win the fight between the ‘don’t give a damn’ John Wick and the ‘all-knowing’ The Matrix’s Neo?

John Wick and Matrix have a little difference in their genre. So, the question for Keanu Reeves’ fans is who will win the fight between the ‘don’t give a damn’ John Wick and the ‘all-knowing’ The Matrix’s Neo?

The Matrix – A lookback

The Matrix is most definitely a science fiction movie, also about a seemingly indestructible character taking on the world of machines with the help of a ragtag bunch of freedom fighters. When it was first released in 1999, The Matrix was a groundbreaking, game-changing film.

Neo is not only one of the most iconic movie characters, but he’s one of the greatest superheroes ever.

The strongest force

In ‘The Matrix’, Neo went from a reluctant computer hacker to a world saver over the course of the three films. It all started when he takes the red pill. Over time, Neo becomes the strongest force fighting for the humans in both the real world and the artificial world of The Matrix.

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Still, Neo is a classic hero in the end and the final sunset at least gives the trilogy closure, even if the future is less clear.

John Wick – A fresh look

A true action franchise. It is a movie about a seemingly indestructible character taking on the world by himself in revenge for the death of his dog and the theft of his beloved Mustang. 

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John Wick is a reluctant hero, or really, a reluctant anti-hero who comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

Once back in the world, he pretty much acts as “The One,” an unbeatable force, no matter the odds.

The franchise is much grittier than “The Matrix” trilogy. And Keanu’s plays John Wick, an amazing contrast from the Superman-like Neo.  The fight choreography in the John Wick films has become legendary.

Now, John wick Neo comparison

While it’s definitely a stretch to say that the world of John Wick is grounded in reality, it’s not science fiction like the Matrix. The character walks through dozens of enemies at time, like a character from a video game, taking them down one by one or two by two.

He may not be able to beat Neo one on one, but John Wick does beat The Matrix on the whole.

John Wick has his body armor, full arsenal while Neo has his abilities from the original Matrix, so he has martial arts and gun skills, can bullet time, but he can’t fly, smash buildings, and come back from the dead.

If Neo vs John Wick is in the Matrix, what would happen?

Neo is a bullet timer so even with Wick’s accuracy, he’s not getting shot. He hops across walls and takes out Wick in hand to hand.

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But Neo didn’t gain the ability to dodge bullets perfectly until he became The One. He dodged a few pistol shots from an Agent on the roof, but it was at a decent distance and the agent had a pistol, not a full auto like John would have. John Wick has now killed a total of 299 people on-screen.

And what does Keanu have to say about Neo vs John Wick

If you ask the great man, he too has a viewpoint. But if you’re someone expecting a all-go-berserk answer from Reeves when he’s asked to imagine a no-holds-barred fight between his most famous screen characters, there’s a chance you end up with disappointment.

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So, if you’re a Keanu Reeves’ fan, you know better. In real life, the all-action star is not even a little close to his screen portrayals. Reeves is a peaceful, quite and humble human who beliefs that violence shouldn’t be a given.

It’s unlikely that Keanu will ever want his beloved Neo and John Wick to engage in an all-out battle.

All-out battle!

Moreover, its unlikely that he’ll ever want his beloved Neo and John Wick to engage in an all-out battle. So, on Neo vs John Wick, in a recent interview post John Wick 3: Parabellum, Keanu Reeves was asked the question by a fan. And his reply was that of brotherly love for two men fighting wrong.  

Spoiler alert

On being asked about the fight between John Wick and Neo, Keanu Reeves said, “I don’t think they’d fight.” But why does Reeves think so? What makes him think that they’d get along? Well, his John Wick director Stahelski explained,

“I think there’s a connection there; I don’t know if they’d fight. They’d have a bond and they’d team up. They’d kick the s— out of Agent Smith though, wouldn’t they?”

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If i may conclude John wick vs Neo comparison saying, we all can agree to this. None of us fans would like either Neo or John Wick going down. But we’d love watching both of them beat the crap out of Agent Smith and then wage a war against the High Table. So much for Keanu Reeves’ fans

So, Truce! That’s where we end this imaginative piece of speculation.

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