Moviewoods’s Ultimate Rock & Rule Couple


Acting was just a part-time gig for Ranbir and Deepika. Sure the desig nation said Thespian. But an enthralled nation got to revel in much more. They were Directors of the un-seen. Producers of the un-heard. Stunt-masters of emotional roller-costers. Yes. If Ranbir defied convention, Deepika re-invented the rules. Everytime he raised goose-bumps, she lifted expectations. When he walked the extra mile, she carved her own highway. If destiny is written in the stars. These stars chose to re-script it. Every time the camera said ROLL, they RULED. And movie-dom ROCKED. Here’s raising a toast to Ranbir & Deepika. MOVIEWOODS’S ULTIMATE ROCK & RULE COUPLE.

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