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O.J. Simpson denies affair with Kris Jenner

Former NFL player, O.J. Simpson debuted on Twitter. With a bang! His tweet sparked outrage. This came forward just a few days after…

Gloria Vanderbilt, the Jeans Queen, dies at 95

The jeans that women wear freely may not have been possible without Gloria Vanderbilt signature. She was an heiress, an artist…

Bella Hadid apologizes for disrespecting Arab countries

Bella Hadid, who is an American supermodel, was widely slammed. This came after she made a post on Instagram. Due to this, some…

Bihar Health Minister reduces children’s deaths to wickets lost

Bihar is having a medical crisis. Lives of children seem to have no concern for the authorities. The death toll has reached…

Sania Mirza stuck in a War of Tweets

Sania Mirza has been at the center of a tug of war. A war that is fought between India and Pakistan on cricket playgrounds. Time and again…

Shakib Al Hasan is ruling charts at World Cup

Shakib Al Hasan put up a one-man- show at Taunton on Monday. What sphere of cricket game can you think of?…

Bill suspended but Hong Kong protesters continue

This is being termed as the largest protest in the history of Hong Kong. As many as two million people are in protest…

Drake’s web-series Euphoria touches controversial subjects

Who doesn’t know Drake the rapper? But there is another side to him than just rapping. The rapper has produced a new web series- Euphoria…

Bella Thorne posts nudes to take back power from hacker

Bella Throne took matters in her own hands after she was blackmailed. The author-cum-actress’ account was hacked. After which …

Tupac’s killer revealed on his 48th birthday

If he were alive, Tupac Shakur would have turned 48 on 16 June 2019. But that is not the case. The American rapper was shot dead….

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