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Malaika Arora Dark Skin DKODING
Malaika Arora exposes Bollywood’s dirty dark secret

Bollywood actress are coming out in the open with dark secrets that the industry holds. Now it is Malaika Arora revealing her ‘dark skin’

Rakul Preet SIngh Dating DKODING
Exposed: Rakul Preet Singh dating Rana Duggabati or not?

The actress Singh is gearing up for her latest movie. Amidst this, Rakul Preet Singh exposed shocking details about her dating life…

Brie Larson Bear Grylls DKODING
Avengers’ Brie Larson goes wild: Bear with me Grylls!

After excelling as Captain Marvel, Brie Larson taking up a more rugged role: to feature alongside Bear Grylls. Halloween is not over for her!

Keanu Reeves Girlfriend Alexandra Grant DKODING
Keanu Reeves has a girlfriend and we stand in solidarity with every other woman on the planet

Sorry ladies, Keanu Reeves has a girlfriend. Its time we accept our solidarity and find the next perfect man (but can there be any?)

Facts About Animals Pets
10 Cute Animal Facts: Your pets dream about you

After a tiring day full of humans, let’s dive into these 10 fun animal facts. We have penned down a list of some facts to lighten your day…

Natalia Starr Boyfriend DKODING
This p()rn star is desperately looking for a boyfriend, are you her man?

When a porn star is looking for a boyfriend, she sure is looking at a…

What stopped Thanos from stealing Infinity stones eons ago?

Thanos did his homework and tapped into his perpetual power to hunt down the infinity stones. But, what took him so long to find them?

toxic yamuna chhath puja
On Chhath Puja Devotees offer prayer standing in toxic foam in Delhi’s Yamuna river

The most revered river in Delhi during Chhath Puja, the Yamuna is covered in toxic foam and the water of this river is poisonous.

Working With Brie Larson And Captain Marvel Girlfriend DKODING
Brie Larson Controversy: Why do the Avengers hate Captain Marvel?

Brie Larson has been the center of much controversy. Avengers did not like working with Brie Larson and Captain Marvel…Find out why

Death Stranding PS4 DKODING
Death Stranding splits critics: A masterpiece or a demanding journey?

Death Stranding reviews are here and they have left fans confused. Despite a descriptive trailer, it is unclear what Hideo Kojima’s game is…

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