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Brie Larson didn’t get a bigger role in Avengers so that Iron Man could kill Thanos

‘Marvel’ in Captain Marvel’s name gives a clear idea of how powerful her character is. Did the production fear she…Brie Larson Avengers role

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump: Afterall Only Bad Boys Have All The Fun

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump! Donald Trump is the current US president. He is also a lavish billionaire in his own right. Trump believes in exhibiting his assets for the world to see and take notice.

Nicki Minaj’s retirement announcement or a desperate plea for attention?

Nicki Minaj pulls back: Nicki Minaj knows how to catch people off guard. The 36-year-old singer drooped a bomb as she announced her…

Orlando Bloom Opens Up About His Relationship, His Ex, And The Controversial Nudes

A recent interview was all about Orlando Bloom relationship. The actor opened up about his fiancée Katy Perry, his ex-wife Miranda Kerr and…

Is Brad Pitt Ready to Make a Fresh Start With Jennifer Aniston?

This is the question of the century: Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt ready to start dating again?…Brad Pitt opened up about all he had to

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are staging to be a couple

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy have taken a huge step forward in their relationship. They are now Instagram official! Both of them made sure that…

Ariana Grande hits back at fan who claimed she autotunes her concerts

The pop star recently clapped back at a fan who claimed she autotuned one of her live performances after she shared a video of herself of one

Nate Parker apologises for his tone-deaf response to a past rape allegation

Parker once asserted that he had nothing to apologize for in reference to the allegation. At the 2019 Venice Film Festival on Sunday…

Salma Hayek the sexiest woman in Hollywood shares a steamy bikini picture on her birthday

She turns 53 on Sept. 2 and is so confident about her incredible bikini body that she shared an Instagram pic flaunting it and taunting her…

Trump’s assistant fired after she revealed the President’s secrets?

President Donald Trump’s assistant, Madeline Westerhout, was fired as she claimed that he doesn’t’ like being photographed with his…

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