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The Office
Brian Baumgartner Brings Back The Office In A Form You Would Never Have Thought Of

Dunderheads, it’s time to rejoice because your favourite cast from The Office is back with…

Big Bang Theory Season 13
Grown-Up Kids And A Bigger Gang – The Big Bang Theory For Season 13

As per our theory, Season 13 of The Big Bang Theory is going to see…

Two and a half men 2.0
Two And A Half Men 2.0: The Quirky Men’s Comedy To Be Revived

‘Two and a Half men’ the men’s comedy might just be back for another season. Scroll down to know more details about it.

Gotham’ Season 6 update
Gotham Season 6 Update While Reeves’ HBO Max Batman Spin-Off Is In Making

Gotham City is coming to HBO Max soon. The authorities have given a big thumbs up for a spinoff of ‘Gotham’ i.e. Matt Reeves’ up and coming ‘The Batman’ which will be set inside the Gotham City Police Department.

Sons of Anarchy sequel
Sons Of Anarchy Sequel Around Jax’s Son Abel Coming Soon

We had no idea that the creators of Sons of Anarchy were planning a sequel…

Meryl Streep is blown away by Jim Parsons in ‘Hollywood
Meryl Streep Is Blown Away By Jim Parsons In Hollywood And It Could Affect The Big Bang Theory

After playing Sheldon for 12 years, Jim Parsons must be feeling pretty great after being applauded by Meryl Streep for his new role.

Reboot for ‘The Sopranos’
Iconic show, The Sopranos Resurrects On TV For A Thunderous 2020

‘The Sopranos’ made a comeback on TV this year as HBO decided to rerun the show. Even more than a decade later, the show’s receiving….

Trailer Park Boys
Laugh Out Loud! Trailer Park Boys Exciting New Season In The Works

One of the best-loved Canadian comedy shows, Trailer Park Boys has given us two seasons of its own animated version, called…

Better Call Saul Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul To Get A Two-Part Final Season Like Its Parent Show Breaking Bad

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6: Pandemic another reason behind the finale split. Creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that season 6 will be the….

Big Bang Theory Amy and Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon And Amy’s Separation To Trigger The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Pilot

The most romantic geek couple has undergone a big bang separation, and that is where begins the highly anticipated ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 13

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