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How Farrah Abraham conveniently goofs up 9/11

Farrah Abraham has done what the US considers as a blunder on the most sensitive topics of all: 9/11. While her intentions would…

Kim Kardashian’s latest shapewear sees the light of the day, SKIMS all controversies

Kim Kardashian’s latest shapewear is here with a bang, meet SKIMS…Her shapewear line was earlier named Kimono. The name earned much…

Michael Schumacher health update: Gaining consciousness?

He got in a skiing accident that led to brain injuries in 2013. Since then, it had been a long road to health recovery for Michael Schumacher…

Miley Cyrus’ mid-August love story takes a serious turn

The singer is dating Kaitlynn Carter ever since she split from her husband. While many thought it would just be a fling, it’s turning out …

Trump lands in a Filthy Spot on Twitter – Calls Chrissy Teigen ‘Filthy Mouthed wife’

Trump has sparked a war of tweets with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Teigen is already famous for being very vocal about her opinions…

NASA is racing 12 times faster to the moon: Can ISRO catch up?

NASA is gushing towards clinching the title of ‘first woman on moon.’ A few more years will seal the deal..Chandrayaan 2 lost communication…

Brie Larson didn’t get a bigger role in Avengers so that Iron Man could kill Thanos

‘Marvel’ in Captain Marvel’s name gives a clear idea of how powerful her character is. Did the production fear she…Brie Larson Avengers role

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump: Afterall Only Bad Boys Have All The Fun

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump! Donald Trump is the current US president. He is also a lavish billionaire in his own right. Trump believes in exhibiting his assets for the world to see and take notice.

Nicki Minaj’s retirement announcement or a desperate plea for attention?

Nicki Minaj pulls back: Nicki Minaj knows how to catch people off guard. The 36-year-old singer drooped a bomb as she announced her…

Orlando Bloom Opens Up About His Relationship, His Ex, And The Controversial Nudes

A recent interview was all about Orlando Bloom relationship. The actor opened up about his fiancée Katy Perry, his ex-wife Miranda Kerr and…

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