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Hulk might be coming back to MCU with She-Hulk
Mark Ruffalo Might Be Coming Back To Marvel With She-Hulk TV Series

While all original Avengers bagged a stand-alone movie, Hulk did not…But Mark Ruffalo might be coming back to Marvel with She-Hulk TV Series

Marvel Strange Academy Teachers DKODING
Here’s A Look At Doctor Strange’s Staff At Marvel’s Upcoming Strange Academy

Marvel is launching Strange Academy, a school for magical kids (yes, we know you are thinking Hogwarts)…Here are the teachers who will guide

Chris Evans Black Panther DKODING
Chris Evans will be back to MCU. No, not as Captain America

Avengers: Endgame’s end was Captain America’s end. But not for the actor’s journey in MCU. Chris Evans might come back with Black Panther 2

Disney Plus Avengers Endgame Quality DKODING
Disney+ Version of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Is A Big Flop

Disney Plus holds the hopes of fervent Marvel fans… But it seems Disney Plus has degraded the quality of the Marvel movies and superheroes.

Ant Man 3 Movie Title DKODING
Meet the funniest (and most logical) suggestions for Ant-Man 3 movie title

Ant-Man 3 has locked in the filming locations and is all set to enter the phase of leaked filming sneak peeks..but what about the movie title?

Brie Larson Captain Marvel 2 DKODING
This is when Brie Larson will take over Hollywood with Captain Marvel 2

Now that the production of Brie Larson starrer Captain Marvel 2 has kicked off, everyone is curious when will the movie hit the silver screen?

Bella Thorne Silver Bikini DKODING
Bella Thorne is missing the summers and this hot silver bikini is proof of it

Disney star turned p*rn director, Bella Thorne is missing summers…she shared a snap in silver bikini that is too hot to handle…

Is DC Comics’ Batman on Hong Kong’s payroll?

When DC Comics realised that Batman’s ‘The Golden Child’ poster is catching controversy they deleted it. But this attracted more criticism.

Smriti Irani Trolled On Onion Prices DKODING
A Decade old tweet on onion prices comes back to haunt Smriti Irani

Current onion prices are making the common man teary eyes. People have taken to trolling the celebrities who spoke in 2010 but are silent now

Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Romance DKODING
Animated (ADULT) Harley Quinn will take her sweet time to come out of the closet

DC’s quirky Harley Quinn’s animated series will kick start an awe-filled weekend…But her romance with Poison Ivy will have to wait.

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