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Gilmore Girls spin-off DKODING
Gilmore Girls Are Ready For A Luke Spin Off

Gilmore girls originally debuted in 2000 until the show ended in 2007. The series was revived with a 4 part episodes plot in 2016…

Animated Big Bang DKODING
The Big Bang Theory All Set For A Return With An Animated Series

After Young Sheldon as a spin-off, makers are considering to get the first animated series of The Big Bang Theory to calm the fans…

Animal Crossing New Horizons DKODING
Brie Larson’s Willing To Star In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Movie.

After Captain Marvel in MCU’s Captain Marvel 2, it seems like Brie Larson will be…

Young Sheldon Potholes DKODING
The Big Bang Theory Fans Notice A Major Plot Hole in Young Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory fans spotted a glaring plot hole in Young Sheldon and it…

Young Koothrappali Big Bang Theory DKODING
Big Bang Theory Spin-Off: After Young Sheldon Will Come Young Koothrappali

Fans of The Big Bang Theory are not over the hit sitcom and though Young Sheldon is airing, they want more. Next in line of the spin-off…

Suits 10 Meghan Markle DKODING
Meghan Markle To Return With Suits Season 10

If someone had told us that Rachel Zane from Suits would end up marrying Prince…

Duffer Brothers Stranger Things Marvel Merge DKODING
Duffer Brothers Are Secretly Prepping Stranger Things To Merge Into Marvel

The Duffer Brothers are secretly planning to merge Stranger Things into Marvel after season 4 or 5.. here are all the signs which prove…

Avengers Save Earth DKODING
The Earth Needs 8 Billion Avengers To It’s Rescue

Amidst all the fear and hassle because of the CoronaVirus, it compels us to draw parallels between it and the hated Thanos in the MCU…

Netflix Series DKODING
Netflix Is Feeling Breathless: Time To Slow Down

In 2019, Netflix released 371 series and movies. We can think of two reasons for…

Young Sheldon Howard DKODING
Big Bang Theory Spin-Off: Young Howard Is Ready After Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon which is currently on season 3 is about to go off air after season 4 which will premiere in September 2020…

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