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Ranbir Kapoor As Joker In Imtiaz Ali's Next Project
Imtiaz Ali’s Next Movie Based On Joker Starring Ranbir Kapoor

if Joker had an Indian remake, our guess is that Ranbir Kapoor would make for a perfect ‘Joker’ meanwhile, Imtiaz would aptly fit as its

Best Hollywood Sex Scenes DKODING
NSFW alert! Hottest Hollywood Sex Scenes to spice up your weekend

Perfect lighting spiced up with the sexiest lingerie; best sex scenes in Hollywood movies never fail expectations. Here’s a list of the best

Guardians of the Galaxy Spider-Man Crossovers
Onward To Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy Crossovers

Pixar’s Onward won’t be the first time that Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are together on-screen. And won’t be the last.

Stranger Things, Hopper — Back From The Dead
Why Young And Old Audiences Are Hooked To Stranger Things — Hopper — Back From The Dead?

The most viewed Netflix web series Stranger Things is now in its final season. News has it that the producers Duffer Brothers have

The Bollywood Expendables DKODING
What If The Iconic Action Film The Expendables Gets Made In Bollywood

Bollywood has given us many action-packed films in the recent years. However, we still can’t compare Hollywood’s action to that of Bollywood.

Hrithik Roshan To Play Jackson in the Remake of Bollywood's A Star Is Born
Hrithik Roshan To Play Bradley Cooper’s Role In The Bollywood Remake Of A Star Is Born

What if ‘A Star Is Born’ film was ever made in Bollywood by Bhansali? We wonder what if Hrithik Roshan would make a perfect fit for the role

Tom And Jerry To Be Best Friends, Join Hands Against Michael Peña In 2021 Film
Tom And Jerry To Be Best Friends, Join Hands To Take On Michael Peña In 2021 Film

Based on media reports and project announcements, what we know so far is that Tom will be hired to catch Jerry, but they’ll eventually become best friends and turn on Michael Peña in the 2021 film.

Grace and Frankie Season 6 DKODING
In Season 6, Grace Realizes Frankie Is Her True Soulmate But How?

The hit comedy series Grace and Frankie is getting ready for a highly anticipated season…

Netflix's The Irishman — All Set To Win The Oscar
Jolted Netflix’s The Irishman — All Set To Win The Oscar

Netflix’s lackluster performance at the Golden Globes was most certainly a big surprise. Having said…

Why Locke & Key Plot Is Failing Miserably?
Why Locke & Key Plot Is Failing Miserably?

Netflix’s original fantasy drama series has just released its first Locke and Key trailer on its official account on Twitter.

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