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F1 McLaren Financial Troubles DKODING
McLaren Boss Hints At Impending Death Of Formula One

McLaren’s chief Zak Brown highlights that F1 is at a crisis point. If immediate action is not taken, as many as four teams could be lost…

F1 Niki Lauda Comeback DKODING
Down the F1 Memory Lane – Niki Lauda’s Comeback to Racing

Niki Lauda’s comeback win at the US Grand Prix in 1982 is a day to remember in F1 history…

Coronavirus Red Bull Max Verstappen Terrified Helmut Marko DKODING
Max Verstappen Is Terrified By Red Bull Team Advisor’s Coronavirus Therapy

F1 fans around the world are surprised as Helmut Marko makes shocking statements. He recommends drivers to deliberately affect themselves…

Daniel Ricciardo F1 Joker DKODING
Inside Daniel Ricciardo’s Fascination With Pubes And Shoes

As strange as it may sound, Daniel Ricciardo does seem to have a fascination with pubes. At the 2019 British Grand Prix press conference, Ricciardo asked Lando Norris if he had pubes yet. He has also brought the topic in other instances.

Virtual Bahrain GP — Lando Norris Emerges As Verstappen’s Biggest Challenge

The coronavirus outbreak has cancelled Formula 1 among several other events. Despite this tough period Max Verstappen has found his space and is Racing From Home.

Ferrari Lockdown Means Advantage Mercedes DKODING
With Ferrari’s Stallion Factory Locked Down, Red Bull Is Ready For Max Attack

The challenge for Ferrari is aggregated due to the Maranello factory lockdown due to Italy’s coronavirus concerns…

Lewis Hamilton Michael Schumacher Chase DKODING
Across Formula 1, Hamilton Hit Hardest By Coronavirus

The question of the season is whether Hamilton can equal Schumacher in a season vastly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Lando Norris Playing E-Sports-DKODING
Coronavirus Can’t Stop Lando Norris From Racing Away In His McLaren

The coronavirus scare may have stopped F1 and many other sports. But Lando Norris continues to compete as he drives his McLaren in E-sports.

Coronavirus Suspends F1 Season But Ocon And Perez Hot Up Netflix’s Drive To Survive

Even though all the episodes on Netflix’s Drive to Survive are entertaining, there is none more so than Ocon and Perez’s intense rivalry. This rivalry carried on for 2 seasons until Lance Stroll replaced Esteban Ocon at Racing Point (formerly known as Force India).

Romain Grosjean Kitesurfing DKODING
Coronavirus Cancels F1 — Adventure Bug Bites Haas’ Romain Grosjean

The panic surrounding coronavirus does not seem to affect Romain Grosjean as he was seen kitesurfing after receiving news of the Australian Grand Prix cancellation.