Jet’s last stand: All eyes on Hinduja’s bid

UK-based Hinduja Group in fray to save drowning airline | ex-Chairman Naresh Goyal gives go ahead

Women votes will decide the next PM

Whereas elections saw average men turnout of 68.3% in first four phases, women turnout was 68%, with 203.1 million voters compared to 215 million men.

Balancing foreign policy: First big challenge for new govt. post-elections

As per US experts, the new government that will come to power in 2019 will have an instant challenge of structuring crucial economic foreign policies.

9 Scandalous Moments of Election Campaign 2019

Politicians in India have STOOPED to a new low while campaigning for General Elections in…

First aftershock of Trump blacklist: Google limits business with Huawei

The U.S govt has already blacklisted the company | Now Google suspends some of its business from the Chinese technology company.

Naidu’s alliance efforts: From Kingmaker to King?

Old BJP ally and Andhra CM is now finding new friends | Travelled to Delhi and UP to firm up alliances.

Airlines spar over Jet’s domestic and global slots

Rivalry on Jet’s global slots distribution | Air India and Indigo will get most of…

Are 2019 exit polls Déjà vu from 2004?

All exit polls opine that Narendra Modi will retain the top office in 2019; but with a reduced tally from 337 in 2014 to 300… but the pollsters have been wrong in the past.

First presser in five years; but Modi tight-lipped

Sitting for his maiden press briefing in five years, PM Narendra Modi decided to act as a soldier of the BJP rather than the Prime Minister of India.

Home buyers now have an upper hand against Builders

Can seek 10% extra refund if flat delayed beyond 1 year: NCDRC | One year grace period given to housing projects