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Cut in Corporate Tax DKODING
Government announces a Cut in Corporate Tax

In the wake of a possible economic recession, the Indian Government is taking desperate measures…

Storm Area 51 event may be the biggest in history NewsShot DKODING
Storm Area 51, Alienstock are real: Unknown to be explored?

This is not a joke anymore, the desolate county of Lincoln is soon going to…

PTSD can often be confused with mental issues such as ADD and ADHD
How PTSD affects your reading abilities and empathy

You may have been a bookworm in your school days but lost the habit somewhere along the way. Maybe you were the kind of person who galloped books one after the other but you can’t read more than a few pages today.

Amid an economic slowdown, India's defence minister, bit by the adventure bug is taking Jet rides
When the adventure bug bit India’s Defence Minister

Amid an economic slowdown, India’s defence minister, bit by the adventure bug is taking Jet rides

The corporate story for brand success: Know your role at work
Insomniac workaholic or lazy llama: What’s your work role?

Claire looked for a replacement – Mule-cum-Llama. Upon not finding one, she has to resort to hiring both the ex-employees again. This leads to Brand success for her business. Moral of the story?

The UK returns stolen Buddha Statue, how about Kohinoor?

Last month, the UK returned to India a 12th century statue stolen from the ASI Museum in Nalanda in 1961. Have they forgotten to return Kohinoor?

Drones for high resolution mapping of India
Every Indian gully in High-resolution mapping: Who needs it

India is working on creating a high-resolution map of the country using a rather agonising process. Drone mapping sounds like an amazing tech advantage for the nation but who needs it?

Shadow of Jupier's moon Io falls on the surface of Jupiter the Gas Giant NewsShot DKODING
Is this a massive hole on Jupiter? Juno has all the answers

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has got amazing images of our biggest solar neighbour, Jupiter the Gas Giant.

Corsair’s latest Smart Case is for the PC Master Race alone
This Corsair Smart Case is for the PC Master Race alone

CORSAIR is the global PC market leader today and they have not got there with making mediocre stuff. The peripherals and components that Corsair creates are top-notch.

LinkedIn offers a new way to make your profile stand out and make you more impressive to potential employers
Here’s how to be a LinkedIn ‘most-wanted’ star today

Professionals out there are big believers that their skills matter more than their educational qualifications. While that may be true, when looking for jobs, there is no way to really let your potential employers know how good you are. Well, now there is…

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