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SpaceX Starlink flagship Newsshot DKODING
How Elon Musk and SpaceX are destroying Space?

SpaceX plans a Starlink flagship program to launch 12,000 satellites into space. The program creates…

SQUATS Jitendra Chouksey Fittr App Newsshot DKODING
How ‘SQUATS’ helped its Investors convert 5000 into 50 lacs in 3 years

Investors of Squats have made a profit of 1000 times on their investments of INR…

Indian Celebrites, Stars, and Public figures are Mindless and Conservative according to the latest study Newsshot DKODING
Indian Celebrities are Mindless and Conservative: Study

According to the trends observed by a latest study – Indian Celebrities are Mindless and…

Instagram likes Newsshot DKODING
No More ‘Likes’ on Instagram: What will be the Impact?

Instagram has recently removed the feature of displaying the number of Likes on a post.…

Earth is dead in 200 years prophecised Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking believed that the Earth would cease to exist within the next 200 years. For our sake, we can only hope it’s not guaranteed but

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Newsshot DKODING
Nike ‘Air Zoom Pulse’ specifically designed for Mental Health

Nike has designed a shoe – Air Zoom Pulse – especially for people who have…

5 ways to Improve your health using technology Newsshot DKODING
5 Ways to Improve your Health using Technology

Technology can help improve both the Mental and Physical health of a person if used…

The Big Bang Theory Newsshot DKODING
New Research brings Science on the verge of unraveling Big Bang Theory

Physicists may have finally understood how our Universe was created. They have finally been able…

Racial Bias American Healthcare Newsshot DKODING
An American app is spreading excessive Racial Bias

Researchers have discovered than an American Healthcare app created by Optum is biased and spreading…

Medical Breakthrough: Universal Flu Vaccine is on the Horizon

In major research, scientists have discovered an antibody that might render yearly influenza virus mutations ineffective, bringing mankind on the verge of a universal vaccine for all kinds of flu infections.

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