Robert Pattinson Set To Win The ‘DCEU Batman’ Title From Keaton And Affleck

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Marvel Effortlessly Solved Moon Knight’s Batman Problem

The first episode of Moon Knight put the age-old comparisons between Marvel’s Moon Knight and DC’s Batman to their rest.

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac
Ahead Of Doctor Strange Moon Knight Lays A Blue Print For MCU’s Darker Universe

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Andrew Garfield Continues Webbing Lies At The Oscars

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The Falcon & Winter Soldier Censor: A Bad Sign For Daredevil And Punisher

Disney+ just censored some violent scenes of TFATWS. Does this pose a threat to Marvel’s Netflix shows coming soon to Disney?

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Barry Keoghan Is Batman’s New Joker: A Killing Joke!

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Superheroes At Oscars: Spider-Man’s Loss Is The Flash’s Gain

The debate regarding superheroes at the Oscars continues after The Flash Scene wins the Oscars Cheer Moment.

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Why Sri Lanka Is in Terrible Crises With No Fuel, No Electricity, No Medicines And People Dying

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Oscars Weren’t As Shocking As Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock!

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Henry Cavill Is In Negotiations With WB For Man of Steel 2

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