Ezra Miller Arrest
Ezra Miller’s The Flash Has Brought Doom On Already Fractured DCEU

The Flash movie seems to have a curse attached to it. Announced back in 2014…

Moon Knight Episode 4
Moon Knight Oscar Isaac Plays The Loki Trick And Absolutely Melt Our Brains

Moon Knight Episode 4 turned our minds upside down with its revelations. Let us try to make sense of what happened.

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder Teaser — Lightning Strikes Twice In Waititi’s Piñata Without Gorr

The latest Thor: Love and Thunder teaser feels showcases Thor in a new light. He has given up his thunder and is all for love now.

Why Vladimir Putin Is On The Verge Of Losing Presidency — Explained

Russians are protesting against Putin. And this includes the clergies, oligarchs and the citizens. War…

DKODING Warner Bros Discovery Merger: What Happens To Your Favourite Movies & Shows

In a massive $43 billion deal Discovery has merged with WarnerMedia to become Warner Bros…

Moon Knight Setting Up Elder Gods To Face Christian Bale In Thor 4

The introduction of Khonshu in Moon Knight shows that MCU is setting up Elder Gods to face Gorr the God Butcher in Thor 4.

Slapgate Incident: Will Smith’s Slap Echoes Back

The 94th Academy Awards are not going to easily fade away from anyone’s mind. While…

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill Is Fighting Tom Cruise And Monsters Before Playing James Bond

Life without a big movie or franchise is tough after you have experienced the Superhero…

India won Russian Ukraine war
Here’s How India Is Winning Russia-Ukraine War

During the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, experts predicted a situation to be a disastrous…

Moon Knight
Moon Knight Episode 2 Introduces Marc Spector in a White Suit

Moon Knight Episode 2 reveals more about Moon Knight, Ammit and introduces us to more important characters.