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India ban on Chinese apps
India’s Ban Of Chinese Apps Is Only A Small Step In Asserting Its Cyber Sovereignty

India’s ban of 56 Chinese apps heralds a new normal in Sino-Indian relations, one that will no longer be decoupling trade and politics. However, much needs to be done before the country can adequately firewall itself from the prying eyes of the Dragon in the fraught realm of cyberspace.

Tom Cruise Birthday
Truth Be Told — Not Just America, Tom Cruise Was Also Born On The Fourth Of July

Fourth of July not only gave America its independence, but it also gave America its most loved movie star, Tom Cruise

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Ads boycott
Stop Hate For Profit — Neither Is The Debate New For Mark Zuckerberg, Nor The Loss Big Enough

With hundreds of American corporates pulling themselves out of Facebook advertising, it is again proved that businesses are impacted whenever there is social unrest.

Wonder Woman 1984 Batsuit
Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 Picks Up Where Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Left

Wonder Woman’s golden armour will debut in WW 1984 on the big screen. The armour first came up in 1996, the third issue of Elseworlds: Kingdom Come. Diana wearing it in the comic shows the stakes are really high. She dresses the part to embrace the soldier side of her. The armour is a symbol of war. When she dons it, she is invoking the Spartan side entering the battle.

Superman Suit Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Superman In Justice League 2021 Doesn’t Bode Well For Henry Cavill

Traditionally, Superman’s black suit is known as regeneration suit. It symbolises his resurrection and recuperation. He donned it first time in 1992 comic, Death of Superman event. The suit draws power from the Sun and in few events when Superman felt weak or saw a near death event, he’d donned it.

India Migrant Workers
No Country For Migrant Workers: Why India Is Unwilling To Acknowledge The Foundation Of Its Economy

The last few weeks, we have seen poignant images of migrants going back to their homes with whatever ways and means they could – on foot, in buses and now in trains. The estimates on current migration vary from 50 lakhs to 3 crores (1). The very fact that there is a wide range in the numbers shows the brazen neglect our migrant population has faced.

India lessons from Israel and Sri Lanka on Kashmir
India’s Kashmir Policy: Lessons To Be Learnt From Israel And Sri Lanka

It may be too early for India to indulge in triumphalism over the implementation of the new domicile rule for Jammu & Kashmir. As Israel and Sri Lanka illustrate, seizing and occupying territories may mean victory, but almost always Pyrrhic.

Trump Bolton Book
John Bolton’s White House Memoir: The Book Trump Fears, Or Should

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s longest-serving National Security Advisor until fired in September 2019, paints a very unflattering picture of the President in his memoir describing him as “erratic,” “impulsive” and “stunningly uninformed”.

Advanced technologies behind Coronavirus Vaccine Development
Coronavirus Vaccine ⁠— Why Scientists Are Optimistic About An Early Breakthrough

Are scientists merely toeing the line of their political masters when they say that a potential cure for COVID-19 could be just around the corner? As fatalities continue to mount, can technology really deliver humanity from this scourge? The short answer: Yes.

Premier League 2019/20 Season Playbook
Premier League 2019/20 Playbook Decoded: From Champions Liverpool To Doomed Norwich

Teams like Brighton and Norwich certainly prefer a possession-based football; however, it has not brought many benefits with both still heavily involved in the relegation battle. In contrast, the more pragmatic teams like Newcastle, Burnley, and Crystal Palace are safe from relegation despite their reluctance to try and play ‘pretty football’.

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