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Donald Trump Barack Obama Difference
Difference Between Trump And Obama And Why It Would Have Mattered The Most NOW

An Objective Comparison – Obama’s handling of H1N1 flu and Ebola virus versus Trump’s handling of Coronavirus

Trump Vs Doctors Vs Governors Coronavirus Crises
Trump Trapped: Whom Should He Listen To Doctors, Governors Or The Know-It-All Himself

Medical Experts Forewarn Trump: Millions Could Die If Reopens America This Easter

Donald Trump America Bankrupt Coronavirus Crises
Sounds Like, Donald Trump Wants America To Go Bankrupt

With re-election five months from now, Trump can’t help but treat this pandemic from a lens tainted by personal ambitions.

What Church Is President Trump Attending This Easter Coronavirus Pandemic
Which Church Is President Trump Attending This Easter!

Will Donald Trump lose his Presidency or will he be known forever as the wartime President of United States who in the end fell short?

20s Pandemic Curse Hoax
The ‘Pandemic Curse Of The 20s’ Theory Is A Hoax

There’s a conspiracy theory doing rounds of the internet – that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is part of a 400-year-old pattern of centennial devastation. But that’s only looking from one eye.

Doanld Trump Ratings Coronavirus USA Death Toll News
Donald Trump’s Showmanship Looks Ugly With American Blood In The Background

US President Donald Trump has seen a spike in his ratings close to a 50 per cent but what does it actually mean during coronavirus outbreak

Gangs In Brazil’s Favelas Show More Common Sense Than President Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro faces harsh criticisms for his casual attitude toward coronavirus as he has dismissed it as a “little flu” and “a fantasy…”

Lockdown Hits Marvel With Some Major Connectivity Issues

Loki, Ultron, Hella, Thanos … And now Coronavirus. Is Coronavirus’ impact ‘the SNAP’ for the…

Queen Elizabeth Coronavirus Homeopathy
Homeopathy Could Be Delaying Queen Elizabeth’s Coronavirus Test

Her successor Prince Charles is positive and her Prime Minister Boris Johnson is too, but the Buckingham Palace has refused to answer if the Homeopathy-practicing Queen Elizabeth has been tested for coronavirus yet.

Trump Coronavirus US News
Come One,Come All,Come For The Donald Trump Show — The Catastrophic Negligence Of A Fool

Slow Deaths at the hands of an imbecile — Trump cannot be changed. While the entire world fights the Coronavirus, Trump is back at it with his foolery.

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