Boris Johnson Global Britain Plan
Why The EU Doesn’t Trust Boris Johnson’s Post-Brexit Global Britain Agenda

Boris Johnson’s goal of ‘Global Britain’ has hit several snags during the Brexit negotiations. The PM has faced issues over agreements with the EU, but managed to bag a major trade deal with Japan.

US Economy Q4 2020
Bloating Inventories With Few Takers: The US Economy Stares At A Dull Q4 In 2020

After the relaxation of the lockdown norms by states triggered optimism and an early uptick in activity, the momentum has since been fading away as the US economy enters Q4 2020.

Keanu Reeves John Wick 4
John Wick, Matrix And The Reason Keanu Reeves Broke Up With The Internet In 2020

Keanu Reeves was everywhere in 2019. But the 2020 curse has made Keanussance vanish.

Kangana Ranaut Joining Indian Politics
Warning! Kangana Ranaut Is Set To Join Indian Politics Like A Boss

From a dark horse to the champion, once bullied, now turned bully, Kangana Ranaut is a brand for Nari Shakti born out of Indian politics.

Obama behind Trump's Nobel prize bid
We Analysed Trump’s Madness For The Nobel Prize And Here’s What We Found

The nomination for Nobel Prize of Trump comes at a crucial time when he is up for reelection and his boat, quite frankly, appears to be sinking.

Enola Holmes Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown As Producer Makes Enola Holmes Picture Perfect

Millie Bobby Brown is shining in the titular role of Enola Holmes in Netflix’s latest offering.

Olivia Colman face-off Gillian Anderson Crown Season 4
Olivia Colman-Gillian Anderson Face-Off Eclipses The Queen-Iron Lady Conflict In The Crown Season 4

In the season 4 of The Crown on Netflix there are two stars of equal mettle appear on screen together, it’s elementary that people look forward to a face-off situation than the two being ally of each other.

Oscars diversity quota
Explained: How The Academy’s New Diversity Quota Endangers The Idea Of Inclusivity

Oscars’ new diversity quota is a commendable step taken by the Academy but in a long run it creates more trouble than it solves

Trump Finds His Star Hollywood Campaigner In Oscar Basher Kristey Alley
Oscar-Bashing To Trump-Lauding: Kirstie Alley Marshals Hollywood’s Right-Wing Brigade

Responding to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ new set of inclusion requirements for award-eligible films, 69-year old actress, Kirstie Alley

Black Widow delayed VOD release
Not Black Widow, Eternals Will Be Marvel Studios’ Next Theatrical Release

With Tenet’s struggles to break even and Wonder Woman 1984 rescheduled for Christmas, Marvel fans might have to wait for Eternal’s to watch superheroes on the big screen