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Avengers: Endgame’s big hint: Meet the new Iron Man

Avengers: Endgame has ended with the most satisfying, yet heart-wrenching of conclusions, but the ballad of…

5 reasons why President Trump is romanticizing Greenland

Russia, China, Oil, Uranium, Trade, Industrialization – Here are 5 probable reasons why acquiring Greenland is a part of President Trump’s strategy to make America great again.

Announcing the inevitable: the head coach Ravi Shastri is back

Former Indian cricketer, Ravi Shastri regains his position as the head coach of the..

One Controversy, Many Faces: Low wages, beef, pork, and Zomato

Food delivery giant Zomato has been ridden with controversy and the latest one has taken a religious turn this time in West Bengal. But there are a number of other facets to it.

At 73: 12 Turns that shaped independent Modern India

Freedom came at an unaffordable cost. Partition followed the transfer of power and chaos took over

Being late is to make sure they wait for you – Marilyn Monroe

Is a slow rate of growth really the problem? Let’s scratch the surface.

The Correlation between Age and Entrepreneurial Success

There is a certain romance attached to the young successful entrepreneur, but what VCs and analysts are wrong – most founders hit peak in their 40s.

DKODING Get Ready to get embarassed
I have spent my life being embarrassed – Jessica Chastian

It’s a strange paradox. We spend all our energy to scale the summit of success, only to realize that the steps are made of the scattered shards and pieces of our confidence.

Modi, Putin, Xi and Obama: How Politicians leverage illusionists like Bear Grylls?

PM Modi’s epic adventure of a lifetime with survivalist and masquerading “conservationist” Bear Grylls is in line with the approach of the most popular state heads of the world, but what purpose does it actually serve?

Uber can never be Amazon, here’s why?

Uber again missed revenue expectations and reported a record loss of $5.24 billion in the last quarter, but while CEO and investors don’t care, this is a trajectory it will find hard to shed.

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