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Populist, Progressive To A Welfare Economist: How Arvind Kejriwal’s Political Strategy Is Coming Of Age Just At The Right Time

What Makes ‘The Aam Aadmi Of Delhi’ — A Kejriwal Loyalist? A deeper analysis of…

Free Public WiFi Ends all arguments
Free Public Wi-Fi Ends All Arguments

Free Wi-Fi can positively and directly influence public life of Delhi. It is indeed a praiseworthy step towards developing Delhi as a technologically advanced city.

Bitcoin Boom is back in 2020
Bitcoin Price Is Set To Boom And Cross $2 Million By 2020

The rapidly surging hash rate, increasing market confidence, new regulations in the pipeline and the crucial halving event: Bitcoin Price is set to boom and cross $2,000,000 by 2020/21, thereby sparking a gold rush.

Climate Change Picture 2019
Picture The End: Climate Change Killed 50,000+ And Displaced 50 Million People In 2019

We’re in the last month of 2019 and world leaders are in Madrid for international climate negotiations at the COP25. Here’s a look at where their efforts landed the Earth. In easy words, the consequences of climate change in terms of natural disasters in 2019.

Tiktok a threat to india's national security
US Investigates If TikTok Is A National Security Threat – India Next?

If TikTok is a Chinese Super spy – the US investigates but India sleeps as…

5 Trillion Dollar Indian Economy – Is It All Lost? The Answer Is ‘NO’

The recent market trends and financial analytics suggest that the Indian economy is on retreat instead of a much-estimated blossom.

Why People of Delhi are Furious with ‘Self Obsessed’ Gautam Gambhir?

As East Delhi looks for Gambhir, Mr. MP inaugurates Stand in Arun Jaitley Stadium with Corruption-accused DDCA Officials.

Mukesh Ambani Set To Buy Air India
Mukesh Ambani Set To Buy Air India

The BJP government is gearing up for a second attempt to sell India’s national carrier Air India and Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries is quickly emerging as the front runner among investors.

Lesson For Amit Shah 2019
If You Pee In The Wind, It’ll Come Back On Your Face: Lesson For Amit Shah

A month of power play, scheming and betrayal with multiple climaxes has finally reached its end as Sharad Pawar reaffirms his place in Maharashtra politics and the BJP’s architect at the center gets a second wake up call in less than a year.

Delhi Water Politics between BJP-LJP and AAP
Is ‘RO’m Vilas Paswan The Mastermind Behind Dirty Water Politics in Delhi?

An alleged bonhomie between RO companies and BJP-LJP has come under question. Is Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan guilty of water politics and collusion with RO companies in fabricating a BIS report?

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