How will Rishad’s leadership impact Wipro’s fortunes?

With the end of the Azim Premji era, the Indian IT giant’s torch passes on to another Premji. Aggressive teamwork and tech-driven investments will highlight Rishad’s time as Chairman of Wipro.

India spends ₹ 3 per person per day on Healthcare. Is that enough?

A new India under able and charismatic leadership, is aspiring to be a superpower across the spectrum. But in healthcare, its worse than third world countries.

Another allegation, another denial: Trump’s MeToo list is now at 22

The focus has just shifted to another charge of sexual assault which makes it 22 women who have come out alleging sexual assault by US President Donald Trump.

Stadia - NEWSLINE - Dkoding
Why Google’s Stadia will change everything about gaming?

Google’s new revolutionary cloud game streaming service Stadia launching in November 2019.

Satellite images show how India neglected its water crisis

India faces an acute water shortage causing massive public unrest. Niti Ayog suggests this is the beginning. How could the government not see this coming?

Why did Trump backtrack on his decision to attack Iran?

What made Trump trackback after ordering strikes against Iran after the gulf nation shot down one of US’ drones?

Planning to work in the US? Time to look at other options

President Trump’s new threat of imposing caps on H-1B visas given to Indians is closer to reality than you might otherwise think.

International Yoga Day: PM Modi’s ‘$80 billion’ contribution to the World

Indian PM Narendra Modi successfully re-branded the heritage Indian exercise and made it a $80 billion industry globally.

This election is about YOU, YOUR family, YOUR future, & the fate of YOUR COUNTRY – Donald Trump

In the swing state of Florida, amid the retiree communities of Orlando, US President Donald…

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One-fourth of world’s poor live in India

And half of the world’s poor live in just 5 countries – World Bank Blogs.…