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Top 10 policies that made delhi happy again
’10 Policies’ of AAP That Made ‘Delhi Happy Again’

AAP led government in Delhi turned out to be the archetype for every common man. Against the odds and through their exemplary work, AAP has transformed millions of lives.

Akshay Kumar Ice Bucket Challenge Newsline DKODING
How celebs show fake concern to stay in news – It’s Akshay Kumar this time…(hypocrisy at it’s best)

Ice Bucket Challenge and Water crisis – Akshay Kumar’s cry for a spotlight Ice Bucket…

20,000 on Indefinite Strike at HAL: Is Privatization in Defence to be blamed?

Unresolved wage issues with worker’s unions now see HAL employees sitting on an indefinite strike, but the Government couldn’t care less.

sex toy market india dkoding
S💋x toy market in India to vibrate @ $1.6 billion by 2020, Maharashtra Leads…

The laws that govern sexual wellness products and sex toys are old, prudish and vague…

Boris Johnson Brexit Deal Feature Newsline DKODING
‘Great’ Brexit Deal with a ‘Fragile’ Link: Boris Johnson faces Litmus Test

In a nutshell, ‘To deliver in Brussels, the UK must compromise – but to deliver…

Child Sexual Exploitation Feature Newsline DKODING
Dark Web’s Largest Child Sexual Exploitation Racket Busted; Dr*g Trafficking next?

In a coordinated International operation by several nations, Dark Web child pornography site Welcome to Video was brought down for good.

Sourav Ganguly BCCI President Feature Newsline DKODING
Dada’s Second Innings: BCCI President today, West Bengal Chief Minister tomorrow?

From Prince of Calcutta to King of West Bengal, is Sourav Ganguly being readied to be the BJP’s face for West Bengal Elections 2021?

Risking Value for less than 1% Revenue: What Facebook gains from Political Ads

Amid the upcoming US General Elections, Facebook finds itself besieged with rampant political controversies through political ads run on its platform. What is especially noteworthy is the stake and return involved in the gamble.

India Hunger Food Surplus Feature Newsline DKODING
India mulls granting food surplus to ‘Deserving’ nations even as 19 Crore go hungry at home

It’s a tale of two reports: India ranks 102nd in Global Hunger Index, yet Government wants to send surplus food from overflowing granaries to ‘more deserving’ countries while millions go hungry at home.

Hong Kong Recession Impact on Globe Newsline DKODING
Cripple Effect: Catastrophic Hong Kong is fueling Global Recession

Recession is deepening in Hong Kong amid Protests and the US-China Trade War. The City…

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