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If only plastic surgery could remove the ugliness in our minds

A mum who faked depression to get a nose job on the NHS wants her 14-year-old daughter to have plastic

New York is still overdosing heavily; just not getting killed as much

While latest data shows a reduction in the number of fatal overdoses in 2018, it doesn’t mean New Yorkers are overdosing less, its just they have quick access to a drug that saves their life.

Do sharks really smell a drop of blood from a mile away?

Do sharks really smell a drop of blood from a mile away? To complete the test procedure, the YouTuber Mark Rober put

Man-Died -Cheaper-Insulin-More-Stories-DKODING
How cheap insulin and an expensive wedding can kill you?

After aging out of his family’s private health insurance, Josh Wilkerson could no longer afford the prescription

A man who hasn’t washed his dreadlocks in forty years calls them a blessing

Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63, from the Munger District of Bihar, has allowed his hair to grow six feet

After Rahul Bose’s bananas, Twitter went bonkers with “too” boiled eggs

A Twitter user named Kartik Dhar took to the platform to share that he had been charged 1700 bucks for two

EasyJet offers passenger ‘backless’ flying experience

A woman has been pictured sitting in an EasyJet plane with no backrest. An image that has gone viral on social media this morning shows

Too much of anything is bad… even exercise

Squats are a great exercise that has a lot of benefits for your body. They strengthen your legs, glutes and many other

Dentist extracts 526 teeth from 7-year-old

A 7-year-old boy in India had a legion of teeth removed from his mouth — 526 teeth, to be exact.

World’s Largest Outdoor Bed Cinema Is Going On An Australian Tour

World’s Largest Outdoor Bed Cinema Is Going On An Australian Tour

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