Marvel Weapon X leak
Marvel Is Planning Wolverine’s Backdoor Entry Into The MCU

Marvel is working on a Weapon X Disney+ series to introduce Wolverine and the X-Men into its cinematic universe

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Iron Man Paved The Path For Norman Osborn’s MCU Entry

Tony Stark along with Norman Osborn Engineered Radioactive Spider That Bit MCU’s Spider-Man Our friendly…

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Loki, Connecting The Dots Backwards ⁠— From Multiverse To The Endgame

No Resurrections This Time Marvel Studios’ Loki series has more to offer than fans can…

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Deadpool Happy: Hugh Jackman’s Nod For Reprising Marvel’s Wolverine

Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last…

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IronHeart: Marvel’s Attempt To Cast Iron Man’s Shadow

Who would be Marvel’s next Iron Man, famously played by Robert Downey Jr, these are…

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Marvel Studios’ New Mutants Are Back From Dead But Will They Survive

We don’t need no education,We don’t need no thought control! Marvel has announced another release…

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MCU’s Desperate Search of Daredevil, Spider-Man’s New Saviour

MCU’s Spider-Man needs a lawyer after his Far From Home adventures but the search for…

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Robert Downey Jr’s Stunning Move From Marvel To DC

Marvel veteran Robert Downey Jr turns a new leaf with DC’s Sweet Tooth series for…

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Kevin Feige’s Big Plans For Ghost Rider’s MCU Debute

A Production Grid for Ghost Rider project has emerged in Marvel Studio after Disney’s Q3…

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Marvel’s Disney Plus Series Updates You Need Before SDCC 2020

From production status to scheduled release all the updates you need about upcoming Marvel Disney…