Hercules Marvel Studios
A Possible Romance Between Hercules and Wolverine In The MCU

Marvel Studio is ready to add Hercules to the Avengers. In the comic Hercules is bisexual, will the studio take the risk

James Rogers
Captain America Jr Lurking In The Multiverse, In Touching Shadow Of Black Widow

Steve Rogers and Natasha meet their son James Rogers when Kang the conqueror throws the present timeline into the future. With Multiverse, it is not so distant thought

Captain Marvel She Hulk
She-Hulk Replaces Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

Reportedly Marvel Studios is replacing Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel with She-Hulk for its upcoming A-Force project

Tony Stark Inventions
Tony Stark Left The MCU But His Genius Did Not

Iron Man might be dead but his presence is felt in the MCU Phase 4 through Tony Stark’s various inventions. Here’s what you can expect

Thor Hammer
Jane Foster’s Mjolnir and Rocket’s Addition To Thor’s Hammer Collection

Thor is inseparable from his hammer Mjolnir it has been a source of his powers and motivation. But there are other powerful weapons the God of Thunder has wielded.

Agents of SHIELD: Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch, Samuel L Jackson’s Cameo

Makers of Agents of SHIELD have confirmed an MCU crossover. Here all the possible cameos we can witness in the coming season

Make Way For The Mutants In The MCU

Marvel Studio is all set to debut the mutants into the MCU. Here are all the possible ways they can be introduced in the upcoming Phases

Tony Stark Villain
Tony Stark’s True Villainous Side

Tony Stark measured up against Infinity Saga’s villain Thanos but the man wasn’t free of his vices regardless

Thor Looks Love and Thunder
Many Faces Of Thor: From The Dark World To Love And Thunder

Creators of Thor and actor Chris Hemsworth gambled with the God of Thunder’s image over…

Madame Web: Sony’s All-Female Power Move

Sony is secretly developing a Madame Web movie renowned director SJ Clarkson is directing while actor Charlize Theron is being eyed for the role