Marvel DC Multiverse
Storylines To Casting Decisions — Inside Kevin Feige’s Plans To Annihilate DC’s Multiverse

Hollywood is witnessing a battle of Multiverse and DC and Marvel Studios are in the eye of the storm

Kro Eternals
The Eternals’ New Villain Kro Is Thanos’ Father

Marvel’s next big Baddie is here, a leaked action-figure gives a good look at the Eternals’ antagonist Kro

Jamie Foxx Joins Tom Holland To Take Spider-Man 3 Out Of Spider-verse

Fans are losing their mind over the news of actor Jamie Foxx reprising his character…

Ms Marvel
Ms Marvel Iman Vellani Set To Walk Into Thor And Loki’s Footsteps

As per a Deadline report, Marvel Studios’ has found its Ms Marvel in newcomer Iman…

Nick Fury series
Brie Larson And Tom Holland Set To Cameo In Disney+’s Nick Fury Series

Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury series can introduce Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel on the small screen

Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings
Dracarys! Marvel’s Shang-Chi Emulates Danny’s Dragons From HBO’s Game Of Thrones

Some interesting leaks have emerged from the sets of Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings that involves a Game Of Thrones like dragon

Black Panther 2 Villain
Wakanda Alert! Chadwick Boseman’s Nemesis In Black Panther 2 Revealed

In an Avenger: Endgame Easter egg Marvel hinted at the presence of Namor, the submariner, now with The Eternals, he might finally rise from the sunken city

Michael Fassbender In Thor Love And Thunder
Michael Fassbender’s Magneto To Pick Up Thor’s Hammer In Love And Thunder

There are many rumours and theories about mutants entering the MCU however, Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg has the perfect idea for Magneto and Thor crossover

Rocket Raccoon Origins
So Long Bradley Cooper! MCU Phase 5 Kicks Off With Rocket Raccoon’s End

Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 3 will explore Rocket’s traumatizing past and perhaps see him come up against his abusers.