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7 Netflix Movies With So Sweet And So Hot Sex. So Steamy.
7 Netflix Movies With So Sweet And So Hot Sex. So Steamy.

If you want to ‘Netflix and Chill’ in the truest way possible, either by yourself…

Scissoring Lesbian Sex Gudie
Scissor Sisters: Your Sex Guide To Often-Misunderstood World Of Lesbian Scissoring

Oooh, the classic art of love-making. Actually… scratch that. It’s not-so-classic. No one knows when,…

How To Turn On Your Man Horny and make him thrust you like a beast
How To Turn On Your Man Horny And Make Him Thrust You Like A BEAST

How To Make Your Man Give You An Insane Toe-Crunching, Thigh-Shaking Orgasm Sorry! But No…

Women who love to watch porn
Why Do Married Women Love Watching Porn

Porn has been blamed for everything. Right from a failed marriage, sexual dysfunction and even ruined several careers. We as women have been told porn consumption is, if not the same then more toxic and damaging as drug abuse.

Love Walking Around Naked In The House
Why Husband And Wife Should Be Walking Naked In The House

I struggled with ‘being naked’ in front of my husband for the first year or so of marriage. We are both in our 40’s and have been married for only 10

Golden showers & pee
Golden Showers And PEE Is Attractive-Sexy And The Kind of Stuff “I Will Do”…

Golden Showers: A lesser-known fetish that no one talks about. Is it even safe? So,…

Threesome Sexual Positions
Threesome Sexual Positions — Make it Three’s a Charm, Not Three’s a Crowd

You may be thinking of adding a new addition to the mix. We aren’t talking…

BDSM Guide for beginners
New To BDSM? The Beginner’s Guide To Exploring The Kinky Art

Yes, many of us would like to think we’re open-minded, progressive individuals. Maybe we are.…

Thinking Of A Threesome? All The Ins & Outs
Thinking Of Threesome? All The Ins & Outs

Threesome Etiquette: Things to Know Before Diving Into One (Read: Two) Being in a threesome…

Your Know-It-All Guide to Outercourse
Outercourse Is The New Intercourse And How To Make It A Part Of Your Sexual Activity

Your Know-It-All Guide to Outercourse You’ve heard about safe sex. (Hope you’re practising safe sex…