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Why Sex Hurts Men?

Sex has always been a game that involves pleasure with pain. But what would men do if sex was just painful for them? It could be a sign..

What Is Jelqing And Can It Make Your Penis Grow?

There is a new addition to the “natural penis growth” family, and it is called jelqing. It is a natural penis enlargement attempt in which a guy

How To Suck A Small Dick?

Whether you are a size queen or an equal opportunity penis-lover, it is worthwhile to know how to give oral sex to a small penis.

ass eating pleasure
Oh My My I Love When You Eat My Ass

I was new to Tinder and needless to say initially apprehensive. If i should upload…

Gentlemen! Here’s How You Can Make Your Semen Taste Better!

For most men, a woman going down on them is their first fantasy once they reach the age of sexual exploration. But then they realise that unlike porn, most of us ladies wouldn’t dare do this job for you.

Let Your Lips Do The Talking: Ways To Kiss And Turn Him On!

Ah, kissing. A tricky affair for some, but it doesn’t have to be, if you know what you’re doing, it can be fun! If you’re going to kiss your guy and worrying about your nose getting bumped into each other or ending up in an awkward situation, we’ve got you covered.

I used to say you couldn’t pay me enough money to have anal sex…that was then!

How about someone stimulating your ass and giving you an amazing anal orgasm. I have…

Why I Love Sharing My Husband With Another Woman

Spicing things up in a BIG way Have you ever thought about sharing your husband…

Why Your Women Won’t Give You A Blowjob?

Some women simply hate blow jobs, they hate sucking it, it doesn’t turn them on.…

Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Vagina Tighter!

I don’t want a tighter vagina! Said no woman ever. Literally every woman out there…

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