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Missionary Position Passionary DKODING
5 Ways To Make The Missionary Position Passionary

Missionary sex can easily be equated to the ‘Jan Brady’ of erotic positions: easily ignored…

Sexual Health
Nymphomania: The Fine Line Between Healthy Sexual Drive And Hyper One

Do you sometimes wonder about the fine line between healthy sexual drive and nymphomania? Read on to know the signs

Netflix Adult content
Bonding To 365 Dni ⁠— Your BDSM Guide To Netflix And Chill

Welcome to the age where Netflix has brought BDSM to the forefront. Read on to know the best binge-worthy BDSM shows streaming now

Intimate relationships
Spice Up Your Relationship With These Potent Moves Outside The Bedroom

When it comes to a relationship and you’re bonding only in the bedroom, its a…

Secret Dominant
Of Pleasures and Pains: Know If Your Partner Is Secretly Dominant

The fear of getting judged makes people suppress their true desires, some men can be…

Open Relationships Do's and Don'ts
Open Relationship: Need Of The Hour Or Greed Of The Moment

Are Open Relationships as feasible as they sound? How do they work? What are the odds and why you should try one? Read on to know more

Pink Balls To Squirting: 6 Vagina Facts You Must Know

The phrase “there’s more than what meets the eye” is a befitting expression for the vagina, here are 6 facts you should know

Shocking But True: Having A Wild Threesome Made Me Realise I Am Gay

Threesomes can be a tricky thing not only because of the nature of the act or shared pleasures but it can trigger a part of your sexuality you didn’t know exist

Safe Sex during Pandemic
How To Have Safe Yet Slutty Sex In Times Of A Pandemic

To have or not to have sex in the times of a pandemic is the real question, however, you can have some pleasure in your life, here’s how

How to flirt
Game On: Your Ultimate Guide To Flirting

This is our ultimate guide to flirting covering every aspect of it. Read on to know the intricacies involved in flirting, the do’s and don’ts