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No hard and fast rule when it comes to resuming sexual activity after childbirth

Rule-Sexual-activity-childbirth-Study: No hard and fast rule when it comes to resuming sexual activity after childbirth. Washington…

Healthy diet can beat symptoms of depression

While many might agree that ice-cream binge can sooth your soul during a rough phase…

Beauty myths : Busted

How to shed upto 4 kgs in a week?  

People with Tattoos have higher number of Sex Partners

People who had tattoos were more likely to be smokers, to have spent time in…

Have a question about sex? Ask this chatbot

DKODING: The next time you feel an awkward question about sex is bothering you, head straight…

How to control how much you eat?

by Preeti Khanuja __ It’s one thing to make resolutions about following complex diets or…

Is ‘Six-Pack Abs’ Sexy?

If you want to look like a fitness magazine cover page model and are chasing…

How Exercise helps in combating Depression

by preeti Khanuja __ Find out how exercise helps a huge deal when you are…