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Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Shares Her Fitness Secret

If there’s anybody who enthralled the whole world from her body is Kim Kardashian West.

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How To Get Rid Of Love Handles In Two Weeks

Love handles sounds fascinating but the truth is that they are extra fat bulging out on your sides.

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13 Age-Defying Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is hard to miss with a body like that and leaves us wondering what are the secrets to her ageless beauty.

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Diet Rules For Different Personality Types

Just make sure that there isn’t just one diet that applies to everybody. The rule is you have to be yourself!

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Jameela Jamil Breaks Ties With Her ‘Fat-Phobic’ Parents

Jameela Jamil, who remarkably performed in NBC’s The Good Place had been through a rough phase in her teens.

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Do You Get An Anxiety Attack Each Time Before Flying?

The moment you hear “travel” there is a rage of excitement that starts in our body and makes us happy automatically.

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How To Choose The Right Running Shoes?

Shoe comfort matters a lot and it’s more important when you are doing a high-impact activity like running.

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How Breastfeeding Can Screw Your Sex Life?

Breastfeeding changes your body in some major proportions.

How Long Should A Power Nap Last?

Power nap – are you excited or not?

10 Signs Your IUD is Moving!

The symptoms of a shifting IUD aren’t always easy to identify. But if you suspect that your IUD is moving, here are a few signs from the experts

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