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Cannabis Strains Cause Laughter
Seven Strains Of Cannabis That Will Cause Fits Of Laughter

Finding the right strain for the right purpose can sometimes require a bit of trial and error, but once you do find one to fit your needs, you are set.

How To Keep Your Penis Young And Spicy During Coronavirus Lockdown
How To Keep Your Penis Young And Spicy During Coronavirus Lockdown

The anti-ageing revolution seems to have travelled Southwards and has NOW reached the “PENISylvania”. A…

10 Myths About Vagina And Peeing After Sex
10 Myths About Vagina And Peeing After Sex

Peeing after sex is one of those myths that you must have heard to protect yourself from urinary tract infection (UTI). But is that really necessary? And, what if you don’t follow the peeing after sex rule?

Celebs Setting Trend Free The Nipples and No Bra Is The latest News For Women
Celebs Who Are Setting Free The Nipples And No Bra Trend

Stop Wearing Bras! Who Likes Them? See How Celebs are Starting a New ‘Braless’ Trend…

Study finds supplements like zinc, folic acid do not enhance male fertility

A new study showed that dietary supplements zinc and folic acid which have long been touted as an effective treatment for male infertility have failed to improve sperm counts and sperm potency. The study was conducted by researchers of the University of Utah Health and was published in the journal – JAMA.

Here’s why you shouldn’t spend long hours in office

According to a recent study, people who spend longer than usual hours at the workplace are more susceptible to the onset of hypertension. A considerable proportion of such individuals may also suffer a hidden form of hypertension, also known as masked hypertension, which as the name suggests may go undetected in clinical settings.

Pubic hair benefits and cameron diaz on pubic hair preservation
Cameron Diaz On Pubic Hair And Dear Ladies Why — Don’t Go Bald Down There

A Great Personality Once Said — A Healthy Bush = A Healthy Vagina We all…

All Breasts Are Beautiful — Here’s Bollywood Actresses Who Wore Fake Breasts Like Medals

We were as shocked to read through the list as you would soon be. Here are the 7 Bollywood actresses who had breast implants for a curvy look

HIV affects young brains even after early treatment

A new study has given a clear understanding about how even with early treatment, HIV still manages to attack young brains. Across sub-Saharan Africa today, a vast majority of children suffer from HIV.

Long working hours may lead to high blood pressure, says study

Long working hours in the office can potentially trigger high blood pressure in overworked employees, according to a Canadian study published in American Heart Association’s journal ‘Hypertension’.

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