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Free The Nipples: No Bra Is The Best Bra

Stop Wearing Bras! Who likes them? See How Celebs are starting a new ‘braless’ trend.…

Breast milk help to prevent heart disease in premature born infants: Study

A recent study shows that breast milk, which is known to provide a complete form of nutrition for babies, could also play a significant role in preventing heart diseases in prematurely born infants. One study cited in the article looked at 30 preterm-born adults who were assigned to receive exclusive human milk and 16 preterm-born adults who were assigned to receive an exclusive formula-based diet during their hospital stay at birth.

Researchers using MRI reveals brain damage in obese teens

Researchers using MRI have found signs of damage that may be related to inflammation in the brains of obese adolescents. Obesity in young people has become a significant public health problem. In the U.S., the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Legumes-rich diet lowers cardiovascular disease risk, improves heart health

A diet rich in beans, lentils, peas and other legumes lessens the risk of cardiovascular, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, stated a new study. Published in the journal Advances in Nutrition, researchers in this study reviewed prospective cohort studies that assessed consumption of legumes on the risk for cardiometabolic diseases and related markers.

Yoga, physical therapy found to help in sleeping better

Yoga is not only a healthy way of meditating and maintaining overall wellness but can also better an individual’s sleep along with limiting their dependence on medicines for back pain and sleep disturbance.

Pubic Hair benefits and why men love them too
A Great Personality Once Said: A Healthy Bush = A Healthy Vagina

We all got them, but even thinking about them can make you cringe and gag.…

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How Breastfeeding Can Screw Your Sex Life?

Breastfeeding changes your body in some major proportions.

breast implants dkoding
Why Women Must Say ‘NO’ to Breast Implants NOW?

This is my telltale how I finally lifted the weight off my chest. (Quite literally)…

How Bollywood Actresses Look So Hot & Sexy (Secret Revealed)

Work it out! Sweat it out! Flex it and flaunt it! When it comes to…

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked is Good for You! (Sounds Naughty but…)

Giving a thought about sleeping naked? Well, maybe it is a good idea after all!…

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