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How To Get A Hot Body Like Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner who is an incredibly stunning and makes sure that she looks glamorous 24/7. She is just not a “self-made youngest billionaire but also has a crazy makeup line.

Celebs Who’ve Opened Up About Their Battle With Eating Disorders

Eating disorders is nothing to be ashamed of nor it needs to be kept a secret. The first and foremost thing is to get out of denial and seek help.

Celebrities Who Have Given Up Veganism

There are many celebrities who have spoken out about choosing to switch to a vegan diet, but eventually we saw many of those stars quit eating plant-based with no animal products.

Celebrities Who Went Through Major Transformation Post-Pregnancy

The pressure to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight is real, especially when you are…

10 Extreme Body Transformations Of Hollywood Celebrities

These celebrities have amped up their fitness game to be a healthier and better version of themselves. Check them all out!

Morning Routines Of Your Favorite Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood celebrities have aced their morning routine game. From workouts to skin care, what more does it include? Check it out!

Extreme Celebrity Diets To Try At Your Own Risk

Celebrities are famous for trying out extreme and crazy diet plans. They change them like they change clothes. Here we list a few of them.

Stop Wearing Bras| Amazing Orgasm | Sex and Relationship | Lifestyle DKODING
What Happens Once You Stop Wearing Bras! No less Than Amazing ‘Os’

Stop Wearing Bras! Who likes them? They are itchy, uncomfortable, annoying and so tight around…

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Peeing After Sex Avoids Pregnancy

Peeing after sex is one of those myths that you must have heard to protect yourself from urinary tract infection (UTI). But is that really necessary? And, what if you don’t follow the peeing after sex rule?

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Mandira Bedi’s Fitness Journey

Mandira Bedi who is known for her different roles – from breaking grounds with an offbeat TV show Shanti on Doordarshan or hosting IPL seasons. She proved that women can host cricket matches too and look amazing while doing it.

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