Sonam Kapoor’s Secret Brands: Revealed!

Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate goddess when it comes to fashion and style. She is one lady whom even the fashion spirits would fear to take a style check on.


It’s that time of the year peeps when chai becomes a little lest favored and nimbu-soda is available almost everywhere. Taps give out boiling water, showers make you sweat. Umbrellas come out to give your sunscreen company, suede shoes and sweatshirts get packed away.

12 Celebrities Slaying in Denim-On-Denim

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7 Serums That Will Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster

Waiting for your bangs to grow back that was cut off mid-air? Now they don’t know if they’re supposed to sit or stand? You thought that was annoying, honey just wait until you have to wait for your over trimmed brows to grow back! Even ‘forever’ would seem like a short while!

All you need to know about expiry of makeup products

As much as you love that one lipstick that you’ve been stingy about using all these years, we hate to break it to you that it might make you look nice and everything but that old stuff comes with an expiry date and it needs to get out of your pretty collection right now.

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9 Gym Bag Essentials That You’re Missing Out

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5 Hairbrushes that are game changers

Curls look pretty, they’re stylish, and you don’t have to do much. But here’s a reality check ladies, you might not have to do much but detangling those curls could take an entire life (not kidding).

Nostril Hair Extensions – beauty trends rest in peace

Nostril hair extensions are the newest Instagram thing and honestly, we won’t judge you if you’d want to leave the world after this! Some trends can absolutely go down the drain but, no some of you love making us cringe!

Micellar Water – the secret that was let loose!

There are makeup removers and then there’s washing your face with crazy foams and then comes a saviour and we call it, micellar water. It might sound all jazzy and pricey, but this one is actually pretty simple.