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Hollywood Celebrities Killing It In Indian Outfits

this Independence Day here is a compiled a list of some of the all-time favorite Hollywood Stars who rocked the Indian look

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Let’s Get Vegan With These Vegan Make-up brands

Ready to embrace a vegan lifestyle? It’s never been easier. Yup, more and more beauty brands are jumping on the vegan hype

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10 Most Stylish Men In Hollywood Ever

These men will leave you drooling not only on looks but on style as well.

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10 Weird Shoes That Celebrities Wore

When you see something weird, the very first thing that comes to mind is why these weird things are weird. No doubt most of the weird things are worn by celebs.

Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

Let just get the inside scoop of Microdermabrasion, what it is all about, how it can benefit your skin and a home redeem for it.

Understanding Your Undertone Before Buying Makeup

Ever wonder how makeup artists get Hollywood’s hottest celebs to look flawlessly natural even when wearing a full face of makeup? It all comes down to undertones (well, and acquiring skills through practice).

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Long Gone Are The Days When Only Women Wore Makeup

Today’ men are fragranced, buffed or lean, groomed with smooth and exfoliated skin, and selfie adoring a la Adonis.

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The Queen of Pop: Madonna Turns 61

Madonna Louise Ciccone is an indisputable icon who has been delivering striking fashion moments for more than three decades.

Scandalous New Lipstick Campaign By NARS.

NARS latest explicit advertisement comes as no surprise from the cosmetics giant. (the brand that’s known for the best-selling Orgasm blush shade.)

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Kylie Turns 22: Launches Her New Money Collection

She is back with a Limited Edition Makeup Collection in Honor of Her Birthday

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