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Loss Of Erection, Men Thrive on Sex — What If You Can't Get Your Little John Up
Men Thrive on Sex — What If You Can’t Get Your Little John Up

Here are some reasons why sometimes the sails don’t go up. Poor men! Loss of…

Lesbian Sex Positions: Perfect Balance Of Eating Out, Fingering And Scissoring Tribbing
Perfect Balance Of Eating Out, Fingering And Scissoring

When two women have sex, it’s a beautiful, awkward, sexy, unique, and liberating. But while the world is full of info on what straight partners

Daily Masturbation And More Sex keeps You Healthy, Lets Add A Sex Toy
Masturbating Everyday Keeps The Doctor Away. Let’s Add A Sex Toy

Women can be tricky when it comes to reaching climax during sex. Oh well, too many factors contribute to this sad ending like stress, dryness, and lack of emotional intimacy. Ladies, need that spot to be hit really hard (not literally ouch!)

Women Get Naughty at 40 New Pleasure Heights Sex
You’ve Fantasized About This — When Women Get Naughty At 40!

New Pleasure Heights — Why Women Get Naughty At 40. Sex in midlife is like wine. It only gets better with age.

women how to look hot and sexy for sex
Go Get Clean Because You’re About To Get Dirty — It’s Sexy For Sex!

With good sex comes good foreplay and with good foreplay comes in a lot of good prepping and rituals that make you more desirable than the goddess that you already are!

Celebrity Moms Who Dared And Bared To Breastfeed

It was World Breastfeeding Week last week. And these celebrity moms sure deserve a shoutout for daring to choose their baby over…

Missionary Sex Position Is Most Orgasmic and Best
Go Mission-aah-rie: If You Are Ace At Thrusting And She Loves Being Wrapped

Missionary is definitely the best sex position ever — an unpopular opinion but you can’t deny the pleasure now, can you?

Sex During Coronavirus Lockdown
How To Make Lockdown Orgasm-Filled And Sex Friendly

Impact of Coronavirus on relationships, sex and the world of offline dating… There is no…

Married Women Love Watching Porn
I Am A Married Woman And I Love Watching Porn

Porn has been blamed for everything. Right from a failed marriage, sexual dysfunction and even ruined several careers. We as women have been told porn consumption is, if not the same then more toxic and damaging as drug abuse.

Things Women Must Do To Take Sex Up A Notch
All The Time In The World To Take Sex Up A Notch — Women’s Edition

When it comes to sex, there are various fascinating things that a woman can try in bed. Sometimes, changing the routine can really change your whole outlook towards sex.

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