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Kim Jong Un Dead or Alive dkoding
Kim Jong Un — Wanted Dead or Alive

The mystery looming over North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, being dead or alive, is…

Spiderman Dr Strange Marvel DKODING
Spider Man Steals Dr. Strange’s Cloak And Superpowers

A fan made poster takes the mixed up storyline game up a notch for Marvel…

Donald Trump Disinfectant Kill Coronavirus
Lysol Refutes President Trump’s ‘Inject Disinfectant’ Suggestion

Trump Suggest Injecting Disinfectants into Human Body to Kill coronavirus

MCU's Incredible Hulk End DKODING
MCU’s Incredible Hulk Reportedly Does Not Have An Incredible Ending

What they have in store for our Incredible Hulk is revealed,it might be liked. MCU’s Hulk story’s ending has been reportedly been revealed…

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date Confirmation By Tom Ellis

Lucifer production has been stalled by COVID-19 Pandemic and Season 6 might not make it…

The US Records 20% Unemployment Rate But It Could Be Much Higher

US Unemployment Rate Spikes to 20 per cent; Double up 2008’s Great Recession The economic…

Earth Day 2020: How Coronavirus Saved the World

It’s Earth Day 2020 — the decade marks the completion of 50 years of the environmental movement, in fearful times of Coronavirus

Travis Scott Astronomical Fortnite
Fortnite Players Brace To Race For Travis Scott’s Astronomical Concert

Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert is “a one of a kind musical journey” from the developers Epic Games.

US Iran Tensions: Donald Trump Threats Tehran, Enroute To Become The Wartime President

Donald Trump Threats Tehran, Asks US Navy to Destroy Harassing Iranian Gunboats

Iron Man was the creator of Dr Octopus DKODING
Not Dr. Octopus – Iron Man Was The Creator Of Octopus Tentacles In Sony Spider-Man 2

Iron Man has created many things in MCU. From Jarvis to nano-tech; From a bunch…