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Avenger Crossover In Black Widow Movie DKODIND
Hawkeye’s Entry In Black Widow Movie Sparks Avengers Future Speculation

Months prior to its release, Black Widow has fans theories and speculations that are escalating fans’ Avenger might crossover..

The Irregulars Sherlock Holmes on Amazon Prime DKODING
A Drug-Addict Sherlock Holmes Destroys His Legacy In The Irregulars

A twisted, yet mysterious version of Sherlock Holmes is all set to roll out in 2020. The Irregulars in the making and we’ll soon get to…

Marvel’s Runaways Ain’t Running Away: Season 4 Release Date Confirmation

Season 3 finale left us on a cliffhanger, will Runaways season 4 finally run for…

Bella Hadid to Gwyneth Paltrow – Celebrities sport Surgical face masks amidst Coronavirus Concerns

Amidst coronavirus outbreak celebrities are sporting surgical face mask as new fashion accessory.

the Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date DKODING
British Historical Drama The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date Confirmation

Netflix renewed its British historical fiction series The Last Kingdom on Twitter. But fans want…

No! Corona Beer And Virus Are NOT Related

Makers of Corona Beer Constellation Brands Condemns misinformation about corona virus connect on traditional and social media

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date DKODING
The Beloved Lucifer Returns: Season 5 Release Date Confirmation

Tables have turned and Lucifer now rules the hell. That’s pretty much the gist for…

Mark RuffalMark Ruffalo criticize Trump in relation to climate change
Hulk Green — Mark Ruffalo Takes On ‘Real Thanos’ Donald Trump

Marvel’s Hulk Mark Ruffalo is on a green crusade against POTUS Donald Trump who he believes is public enemy no 1, as in, Thanos for real.

Thanos in What If Avengers DKODING
Disney Plus’ What If Will Feature A Thanos Episode Inspired By Deleted Avengers: Endgame Scene

What if Thanos joins the Avengers? What possible storyline comes to your mind? Whatever story your mind is plotting, it would not have…

Iron Man Father Revealed DKODING
Iron Man’s Father Revelation Opens Route For Robert Downey Jr’s Return To MCU

A recent revelation about Tony Stark’s father was a shock to fans. Is this Marvel’s well-planned strategy to bring back Iron Man in Phase 5?