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Gossip Girls Reboot Release Date DKODING
Gossip Girl Is Rebooted With All The Hot Gossips: Release Date Confirmation

The much-anticipated Gossip Girl reboot is finally happening. Know its release date and more. The…

Batman 2021 DKODING
Robert Pattinson’s Batman 2021 Heavily Inspired By HBO’s Gotham

Matt Reeves’ Batman 2021 starring Robert Pattinson is antagonist heavy but that isn’t necessarily a problem, because the idea comes …

lucifer season 6 DKODING
The Charming Devil Lucifer Returns: Season 6 Release Date Confirmation

Lucifer Season 6 edges towards reality as showrunners script new deal. American television series based…

Falon and the winter soldier DKODING
Black Captain America Meets Black Panther In Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The first black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley is set to return on Disney + upcoming MCU’s the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Will Sam…

Netflix Series Ending in 2020 DKODING
10 Netflix Shows That Will See The End In 2020

it’s time for us to bid adieu to our favorite shows in 2020. This year take away the entire stack of our preferred series…

Coronavirus Black Widow DKODING
Coronavirus Infects Black Widow Worldwide Premiere

Coronavirus is a global catastrophe and we can’t even rely on Avengers now. Marvel’s Black…

Michael Jackson Musical DKODING
New Biopic Wants To Tell Us That Michael Jackson Was Innocent

It’s a musical about a music legend. It’s a satire on his life. It’s a…

Adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors Chris and Scarlett DKODING
Black Widow And Captain America Respark Their Love Affair In Next Movie

Fandom’s favourite Scarlett and Chris are all set to share screens once again in the upcoming comedy horror musical Little Shop of Horrors..

Keanu reeves girlfriend alexandra grant
Keanu Reeves Set To Marry Soon

Keanu Reeves girlfriend, Alexandra Grant is flashing the diamond on her finger…Keanu Reeves is getting married soon!

The French Dispatch DKODING
Chaos Has A New Address — Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch

Ever since the trailer of The French Dispatch, one of the most anticipated films of the year, was released, chack out the reviews here…