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Tom Cruise Johnny Depp
Tom Cruise’s Failure Played A BIG Part In Johnny Depp’s Downfall

From the finest actor of his generation to the setting sun, the fall from might of Johnny Depp as one of Hollywood’s most valued properties is well documented, but there’s a side that’s not talked about.

Hopper Stranger Things 4 DKODING
Time To Rock — 30 Rock Makes A Surprise Comeback With Season 8

The edgy show 30 Rock featuring cameos of Jennifer Aniston to Oprah Winfrey, is the…

Coronavirus Delays Movie Release DKODING
10 Movies Delayed Because of Coronavirus

Coronavirus impacted a doomsday scenario for Hollywood.Several movie release dates were delayed due to the spread of coronavirus…

Desperate Housewives Movie DKODING
Everything You Need To Know About Desperate Housewives return

The popular television drama series Desperate Housewives’ actress Teri Hatcher has hinted at something big…

Netflix Upcoming Shows DKODING
10 Things To Watch On Netflix This March

This March, Netflix is putting out a booming column of popular programs ranging from Netflix Originals to Documentaries and Family Shows…

Netflix Queer Eye Season 5 Release Date DKODING
The Fab Five Are Back With Queer Eye Season 5: Release Date Confirmation

LGBTQ+ content are experiencing an all-new high, thanks to streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.…

Fleabag Season 3
The Wait Is Over! Fleabag Season 3 Release Date Confirmation

The savage tragicomedy Fleabag starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge might return for Season 3. Here’s why. Fleabag…

Stumptown Season 2 Release Date DKODING
Everything You Need To Know About Stumptown Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Cast

American crime drama Stumptown debuted on ABC on September 2019. Since then the fans have…

Jessica Jones Season 4 Netflix Cancelled DKODING
The Wait Is Over! Jessica Jones Season 4 Confirmation

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3 abruptly ended with some major unanswered questions. Scroll to know…

Johnny Depp As Joker DKODING
Heard-Broken Johnny Depp Psychs Up The Joker… And Steals Phoenix’s Thunder

We all have imagined Johnny Depp in the Joker’s all-season smile and his quirky psychopath-ic ways. The actor would fit right in, wouldn’t he?