Urine– The evolutionary answer to all medical problems

We have done a lot of weird things to improve our health, we may have added eggs to our milk or maybe turmeric

Mike Tyson reveals plans to build 407-acre weed holiday resort

American boxing legend Mike Tyson is planning to build a 407-acre marijuana-themed holiday resort in California.

Ode to the world’s oldest whisky connoisseur

Grace Jones died in her sleep at her home in Broadway, Worcestershire last Friday, her family revealed.

Tooth Growing-13-Year-Old-Testicles-Removed-Doctors-Features-DKODING
Tooth growing inside 13-year-old’s testicles removed by doctors

A teenage boy underwent the ‘rarest of surgeries’ after doctors found a tooth growing inside his testicle.

Cyberpunk 2077 might be the greatest game ever

A dystopian city in the future, a completely customizable cyborg character, full frontal nudity, a story with multiple endings… and Keanu Reeves.

Ben and Jerry’s to sell CBD infused ice cream when it becomes legal

Ben and Jerry’s has announced its plan to release a CBD infused ice cream as soon as the product becomes legalized in the US.

Uber Now Offering Submarine Ride To The Great Barrier Reef

For non-diving travelers who want to see all the treasures the Great Barrier Reef has to offer, Uber is making dreams come true

Royal Caribbean opened up a private island in the Bahamas

Royal Caribbean has formally opened up its new private island for its passengers Royal Caribbean…

Albino-Giant Panda-Feature-DKODING
A rare sight. A panda that is totally white

A Chinese nature reserve has captured incredibly rare Panda in the forests of Sichuan province…

Uber launches ‘Quiet Mode’ for silent rides

Uber Launches ‘Quiet Mode’ For When You Want Your Driver To Shut Up Ever called…