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Better Call Saul ending
Better Call Saul Season 6 Will Have A Devastating Ending

Better Call Saul Season 6 will cross paths with Breaking Bad and have an “upsetting”…

Moon Knight: Everything You Need To Know About The Hippo Goddess Taweret

Moon Knight Episode 4 introduced a new Egyptian God, Tawaret, a Hippopotamus. Here’s more on this new Marvel God.

The Secret Of Dumbledore
The Secrets of Dumbledore Gives You No Reason To Like It Except Nostalgia

Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts franchise started with its first of the three films ‘Fantastic Beasts…

Better Call Saul
Jesse Pinkman And Walter White Set To Appear In Better Call Saul

With every fan favourite face from Breaking Bad already in Better Call Saul, it’s time…

From Batmobile To Impressive Rogue Gallery – Every Reason To Watch The Batman On HBO Max

Matt Reeves’ noir-thriller masterpiece The Batman is out on HBO Max on April 18th worldwide.…

Vision multiverse of madness
Paul Battney Confirms Vision’s Cameo In Doctor Strange Sequel

Not just Wanda but also her on-screen love interest, Vision will be there in Doctor…

Moon Knight: Kang Makes His First Appearance As Rama-Tut

Moon Knight Episode 3 takes Marc Spector to Egypt, the location of Ammit’s tomb. But Khonshu isn’t there to help him.

Marvel’s She-Hulk Is In A Trouble Kevin Feige Can’t Resolve

MCU’s first sitcom, She-Hulk, seems to have some creative issues, an insider reported. While other…

Oscar Isaac
Marvel Is Burdening Oscar Isaac With Robert Downey Jr’s Purpose

Marvel Studios’ limited series Moon Knight is the hot cake in the fandom. As the…

X-Men 97
Marvel Needs To Solve X-Men’s Doom Patrol Problem

Ever since Disney bought Fox studios fans had been expecting X-Men to join the glorious…