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The Sexcapades Have Begun Again. Say Hi To Sex And The City 3
The Sexcapades Have Begun Again. Say Hi To Sex And The City 3

A heady mix of chaos, controversies, betrayal, love, and loss, will Sex and the City…

James Bond Alcohol Detox No Time To Die
James Bond On Detox In No Time To Die… And May Be In Rehab

Now, with No Time To Die, it looks like the producers are ready to take Bond to a new high-less high, or so it seems. The chronic alcoholic is going to shed his demons and go clean in the next film.

Music To Be Murdered By
Music To Be Murdered By: Slim Shady Throws Shade Again

2020 has just begun and we are to be murdered by Eminem’s music. The Detroit…

How Marvel will set up Yelena Belova as the next Black Widow movie
How Marvel will set up Yelena Belova as the next Black Widow… It includes Budapest!

The Black Widow movie will officially kick start Marvel’s Phase 4 in May 2020. The…

Delay in the release of Indiana Jones 5
Indiana Jones Fans Grieve As Release Date Further Pushed To Spring 2022

The fans of ‘Indiana Jones’ are waiting for its release. But, here’s an update on film release. The release date of Indiana Jones 5 has been

Joker beats Avenger: Endgame on Multiple Levels
How JOKER Beats Avengers: Endgame On Multiple Levels

While one is a mix of everything superhero, the other filters down from all of…

Disney to test waters for Ka-Zar with The New Mutants
Disney’s X-Men: The New Mutants To Test Waters For A Standalone Ka-Zar Movie

Disney will replace the old guard with The New Mutants and simultaneously test waters for a standalone future film around comic book stalwart Ka-Zar.

Iron Man returns to MCU with Mandarin flashback in Shang-Chi
Iron Man Returns To MCU With Mandarin’s Flashback In Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi’s villain Mandarin is actually one of Iron Man’s biggest nemesis and the name came to the fore in the 2013 sequel.

Quentin Tarantino Last Movie
Quentin Tarantino’s Last Movie Will Be An Adaptation Of His Book On World War II

The famous Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino’s tenth and last movie will be based on World…

Taylor Swift Brie Larson DKODING
Hollywood Latest: From Marvel To Star Wars – Hot Bikinis To Nude Leaks With $1 Million Offered to Lose Virginity on Camera…

Hollywood’s latest and timeless stories that are sure to fulfill the fan in you. Hot…

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