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After Failing At Box-office Will The Matrix Continue Without The Wachowskis

We live in a society where franchises/sequels/reboots are the only thing a studio deems worthy…

Avengers 5 Leak Shows Superheros Gearing Up For Secret Wars

In a latest, rumors of Avengers 5 are making rounds within the MCU fandom. And the event will be none other than Secret Wars.

Morbius Teases Marvel-Sony’s Sinister Six Crossover After No Way Home

After Spider-Man: No Way Home, Morbius lead Jared Leto teases a “sinister” intent on behalf of all the Marvel villains.

Gal Gadot: How Landing a Role in Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman v. Superman’ saved her Acting Career
Gal Gadot: How Landing A Role In Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Saved Her Acting Career

Gal Gadot is well known for her role as Wonder Woman, but she was on…

Batgirl Leslie Grace Suits Up To Replace Ben Affleck’s Batman

Leslie Grace has revealed her first look as the DC stalwart Batgirl in her new…

why The West Side Story didn't work at the box office
The Real Reason Why The West Side Story Didn’t Work At The Box-Office

Stephen Spielberg’s remake of ‘The West Side Story’ bombed at the box office though it…

Homelander’s Vengeance Sets The Tone For The Boys Season 3

The Boys will continue their fight against the so-called Superheroes a.k.a the Supes in season…

Andrew Garfield displeased with comparisons to Robert Pattinson
Real Life Spiderman And Batman Cannot Stand Each Other

Spiderman gets a bad rep in the press. And it’s not only J Jonah Jameson…

Ben Affleck The Flash
Ben Affleck Confirms There’s No Future For His Batman After The Flash

After almost five appearances as the Dark Knight, Ben Affleck thinks now is the time…

Gal Gadot returns in a sizzling avatar in ‘Death on the Nile’
Gal Gadot’s Sizzling Avatar In Death On The Nile Is Better Than Wonder Woman

After the immense success of ‘Red Notice’, Gal Gadot’s next film ‘Death on the Nile’…