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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Vs The X-Men Set For MCU Phase 5

Marvel Studios could explore using Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to kill off some X-Men in his…

Jane Foster and Thor
Sounds Like Chris Hemsworth Still Has A Lot Of Drunk Thor Scenes Left

Natalie Portman reprising her role in Thor: Love and Thunder As Female Thor is something fans are looking forward to but it might also be her only MCU appearance

Marvel Invites Charlie Cox’s Daredevil To Save Tom Holland’s MCU Future

Daredevil will soon be free of Netflix to return home to Marvel, which means he can help Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man 3

Brie Larson Led Phase 4 Proves That Marvel Had Planned Inclusivity Long Ago

LGBTQ representation always mattered in the MCU, while the studio planted the seeds long ago they are coming to fruition now vis various characters

Gossip Girls Are Rebooting Life During The Lockdown

We all have always been in awe of the Gossip Girl for the lavish lifestyle…

Namor’s Entry Into MCU Sets Up An Epic Avengers Vs X-Men Crossover

A new array of superheroes are soon making a debut into the MCU and in midst of them is Marvel’s oldest hero or anti-hero, as you’d know him, Namor, the submariner

Agents of Shield Quake MCU
MCU Moves On From Scarlett Johansson — Replaces Black Widow With Chloe Bennet’s Quake

While Black Widow’s solo outing is yet to be featured in the MCU, seems like…

Friends Reunion: What Central Perk Would Look Like In A COVID-19 Special Episode

FRIENDS is one show that we can’t get enough of. The 10 season-long sitcom chronicles…

Hulu’s Helstrom Confirms Ghost Rider’s Arrival In The MCU

Hulu’s Helstrom announcement has many undertones to it from missing Marvel branding to opening ways for Ghost Rider’s entry into the MCU

A Bold And Beautiful Warning: Hollywood, Better Not Step Out Yet

Hollywood stumbles back to production with CBS’ Show The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) only to start the shoot and shut down due to the wrong COVID-19 results

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