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Black Widow theatre release
Marvel Takes Final Steps Towards Black Widow’s November 6 Theatrical Release

The internet is divided over Marvel’s Black Widow theatre release. While trade reports suggest a delay, a leak from Disney India suggests the localization process has started

Harry Styles Marvel
After Jonathan Majors Harry Styles And Lady Gaga To Take Up Marvel Superhero Mantle

Marvel casting rumour mills are running exceptionally high since the weekend with names like Lady Gaga and Harry Styles doing the round

Jonathan Majors Kang The conqueror in Ant-Man 3
Ant-Man 3, X-Men, Young Avengers — Jonathan Majors’ Casting Has Huge Implications For MCU’s Future

Lovecraft Country’s Jonathan Majors Casting as antagonist Kang the Conqueror For Marvel’s Ant-Man 3 has endless possibilities

Beyonce DC Comic Wonder Woman
Beyoncé Is The New Wonder Woman For DC Comics

Pop icon Beyoncé along with 16 other women hailed as the Wonder Woman in new DC Comic series! These women are picked up for their contributions to their respective areas of expertise.

Two And A Half Men
Not Ashton Kutcher! Matt Le Blanc Was The Man To Steer Two And A Half Men When Charlie Sheen Left

Charlie Sheen’s exit in season 8 of two and half men did do well for the rankings, but hey! Was there a better solution? Let us find out.

6 actors whose careers were ruined by iconic roles
Iconic Roles That Killed Careers For These 6 Actors

Believe it or not, iconic roles can ruin careers too. 6 actors and the roles…

Keanu Reeves and Hugh Jackman
Is Keanu Reeves Jealous Of Hugh Jackman? We Think So!

Keanu Reeves is still hurt and supremely jealous of Hugh Jackman for stealing his dream…

Sheldon's Closeness to Penny attributed to young Missy Cooper
Sheldon’s Closeness To Penny Can Be Attributed To Young Missy Cooper

Sheldon’s twin sister Missy and his dearest friend Penny might have more things in common than their love for Sheldon. Find out more.

David Schwimmer Is Not Thrilled About The Reunion With Same Old Friends

David Schwimmer who played Ross Geller in popular web series from the 90s, Friends recently said that he wanted a more diverse cast for the show.

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory
Quantum Talks, Hacking Tricks And A Restraining Order: When TBBT’s Sheldon Cooper Met MCU’s Tony Stark

Two smart geniuses meet and create an interesting scenario. We are talking about Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Sheldon Cooper from BBT.