Five Possibilities for the Future of Online Gaming
Five Possibilities For The Future Of Online Gaming

Back when the internet was slowly becoming a household utility in the 90s and early…

Casino Minigame in Console & PC Games
Rise Of The Casino Minigame In Console & PC Games

The casino is an ubiquitous part of pop culture around the world. In most scenarios,…

What is Twitch
How Did Twitch Create a Near-Monopoly on Streaming Views?

So you want to watch someone livestream. It’s possible now, across many platforms, to watch…

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: 11 Best Players Any Gamer Can Buy On The Transfer Market
FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Best Players On The Transfer Market In 2021

It is time to explore what would be a Dream World XI on FIFA 21, as per the latest ratings.

FIFA 21 To DOTA 2: Top 5 PS, Xbox And PC Games For New Players In 2021
FIFA 21 To DOTA 2: Top 5 PS, Xbox And PC Video Games For New Players In 2021

Since the lockdown, the gaming and e-sports industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The trend is set to continue into 2021.

Virat Kohli MPL Top Games to Play
Top 7 Games You Can Play On MPL

What if you can earn some money while playing your favorite game? Wouldn’t that be something? That’s exactly what MPL (Mobile Premier League) has come up with.

Ghost Of Tsushima Samurai experience
Ghost of Tsushima: The Most Immersive Samurai Gaming Experience Till Date

After the Mongolians invaded Japan in the 13th century, Jin Sakai emerges as a lone survivor from the war. Unlike any other action hero, Jin Sakai adopts morally differential tactics to defend his home from the war afflicted Mongolians.

Games To Play in Quarantine
Jenga, HouseParty, Mobile Premier League — Top Games To Ease The Lockdown Anxiety

Going bonkers always at home and around your folks all the time? You can choose to not go crazy and turn the family quarantine time into fun with these games.

R rated Esport
Revealed: Everything That Will Be Rated R In Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk: You play V, whom you can customize as a whole, from its cyberware, skillset, playstyle, vehicles, weaponry or even their genitals.

Halo Infinite Launch Begins The Unraveling Of Microsoft’s Covert Xbox Operation

Halo Infinite for PC launched on 14th July 2020, as the part of The Master Chief Collection.