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Money Heist starts shooting the last season
Money Heist Starts Shooting The Last Season: Lisbon Spills Beans Around It

Netflix Spain shared a video of the Money Heist gang getting back to shoot season 5. Also, Itziar Ituño may have given us a spoiler for the…

Friends Reunion: What Central Perk Would Look Like In A COVID-19 Special Episode

FRIENDS is one show that we can’t get enough of. The 10 season-long sitcom chronicles…

Mindhunter’ Season 3 is secretly in the works
All The Updates About Serial Killer Thriller Mindhunter Season 3 Secretly In The Works

Yes, it is happening! ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3 is secretly in the works. Well, hold on before you celebrate. Let’s demystify the truth in the story.

One Punch Man season 3
One-Punch Man Season 3: Garou To Join Forces With The Monster Association

Will Garou finally accept the Monster Association’s invitation and join them?

Never Have I Ever season 2
Never Have I Ever Back For Season 2: Mindy Kaling Confirms

Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age desi teen dramedy ‘Never Have I Ever’ is renewed for season 2.

Homeland season 9
No Closure For Saul And Carrie Opens Gates For Homeland Season 9

Will the open-ended season 8 finale give way to a season 9 for ‘Homeland’?

Umbrella Academy season 2
Biggest Announcement Of The Year: Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date And Plot Revealed

Let’s solve Aiden’s puzzles and the Netflix strings of pictures to find out what happens when the second season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ premiers this July.

Dark season 4
Science Fiction Thriller Dark Season 4 Release Date Confirmation

German brain twister Dark just dished out its season 4 and fans can’t stop gushing over it. Will there be a fourth instalment?

Breaking Bad reboot
Here’s Why Breaking Bad Season 6 Might Not Be Picked By AMC

Yes, that’s right! With all the speculations about a ‘Breaking Bad’ reboot making the rounds, the show might not be picked by AMC, after all.

Hulu’s Helstrom Confirms Ghost Rider’s Arrival In The MCU

Hulu’s Helstrom announcement has many undertones to it from missing Marvel branding to opening ways for Ghost Rider’s entry into the MCU

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