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Killmonger Is The New Black Panther

In the sixth episode of Marvel Studios What If, Erik Killmonger saves Tony from the Ten Rings in Afghanistan.  But does this make Tony safe?

Christopher Nolan WB
Christopher Nolan’s Exit Is The Price WB Paid For HBO Max

After a long wait, details have emerged about Christopher Nolan’s next project, and it seems…

Why new picture from ‘How I Met Your Father’ is making fans crazy
The New Shot From How I Met Your Father Is Making Fans Crazy

Following the popularity of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, a spinoff is in the works!…

Jason Momoa’s Black Aquaman Suit Channels Henry Cavill’s Superman Vibes

James Wan promised to go darker in Aquaman 2 and the first proof is in…

MCU’s Blueprint To Bring Back Netflix Characters

Not only Matt Murdock’s Daredevil but also the Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Kingpin from Netflix…

Some ‘Gilmore Girls’ fans suspect Luke Diner operations till today
Gilmore Girls Fans Doubt Luke’s Diner’s Operating Hours Till Date

‘Gilmore Girls’ almost basks in a cult-ish glory among its most hardcore fans. While the…

Tom Holland Kicked Out Marvel Announces A New Spiderman

In the latest from the MCU, we have a new Spider-Man among us and the possibility of the return of Captain America to the big screen.

Crime Drama 'Dr. Death' inspired by 'Dexter' reboot
Crime Drama Dr. Death Inspired By Dexter Reboot

This is finally happening! A ‘Dexter’ reboot is on its way and, by the looks…

Fans have imagined the worst ending for Kim Wexler
Better Call Saul: Kim Wexler To Get The Worst Ending Ever

Over the years, ‘Better Call Saul’ has become an apt soul-mate for ‘Breaking Bad’. It…

Jughead heading to his grave on ‘Riverdale’ next
Jughead Heading To His Grave Next On Riverdale

Is Jughead on the verge of death in ‘Riverdale’ Season 5? Let’s see what the…