Say No To Corona, Heineken, Budweiser In A Covid-19 World
COVID-19: No More Beers! Corona, Budweiser, Heineken Stop Production

Following shutting down of businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has now forced renowned breweries like Corona, Budweiser and Heineken to suspend their production indefinitely.

Covid-19 Puts A Lockdown On Pokemon Go
COVID-19: Now Gripping Dinosaurs, Pokemons and Magical Creatures

In a recent addition to the measures taken to tackle COVID-19, the UK Police has put a lockdown on playing Pokemon GO outdoors. And as a result, Pokemon Go is now a ‘play from home’ game.

Not A Pandemic, Coronavirus Is Turning Into A Medical Holocaust

Coronavirus infected cases crosses 1 million mark worldwide causing more than 50,000 deaths while 210,055 recovers

Covidiots-19 and Moronavirus of the world
Meet COVIDIOTS-19: Moronavirus Flouting Social Distancing Norms Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Why not just commit suicide? Meet the people who are taking unnecessary risks amid coronavirus

Mahindra Group Has A Solution To World's Ventilator Problem For Covid-19
This Cost-Effective Artificial Breathing Device Might Be The Answer To The World’s Ventilator Problem

As the world faces shortages of medical devices and drugs, Indian car manufacturing firm Mahindra & Mahindra has come up with a low cost ventilator expected to be a game-changer in battling COVID-19.

Trump latest press briefing
The White House Predicts 100000 To 240000 Deaths In US From Coronavirus

President Donald Trump’s latest press briefing was nothing more than cheerleading with some new details and some fresh points to keep the TV debates fired up.

Antiviral Drug Favipiravir Shows Promise In Treating Covid-19
Not Chloroquine But Favipiravir Might be The ‘Game-Changer’ For COVID-19 Treatment

When most of the drugs and treatments have failed, an antiviral drug called Favipiravir is exhibiting positive results in treating the patients affected by COVID-19.

Indian Railways Modifying Train Coaches Into Isolation Wards
Isolation Ward On Wheels — Indian Railways Joins COVID-19 Fight

Following the decision of conversion of its train coaches into isolation wards, the Indian Railways has found a new way of aiding the Indians during the COVID-19 crisis.

Did Pedro Sanchez’s Government Serve Spain To Coronavirus On A Platter?

Experts say delay in government action; social behavior and weak healthcare system have contributed to high fatalities due to coronavirus in Spain.

From Botox to Ventilator — American Elite’s New Obsession

While the world suffers with shortage of ventilators the rich American’s are desperately trying to acquire one amid coronavirus crisis

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