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Mayim Bialik says Big Bang Theory's journey was bittersweet
Mayim Bialik AKA Amy Farrah Fowler Thinks Big Bang Theory Was A Bit Complicated

Mayim Bialik who portrayed Amy Farrah Fowler on the Big Bang Theory for more than a decade. Recently, she revealed the complicated journey

Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown stamped as the most annoying child actress
After Titled As Sexiest Child Actress, Millie Bobby Brown Stamped As The Most Annoying Actress

Netflix’s youngest actress Millie Bobby Brown was hailed as the sexiest child actress when she was just 13 years old. It looks like Millie

Kylie Jenner fired momager Kris Jenner
The Forbes Drama Forced Kylie Jenner To Fire Momager Kris Jenner

Forbes Magazine’ revoked the billionaire title from the beauty mogul. It seems like momager Kris Jenner’s job is in danger now!

John Krasinski might play Captain America
Marvel Is Ready To Cast John Krasinski As Captain America After Chris Evans Retirement

Losing Captain America’s role to Chris Evans, John Krasinski has still a chance to grab Steve Rogers’ role after Chris’ retirement. Scroll

Krista explains one major change she's made to the series
Krista Vernoff Opened Up About Tragic Endings Of Characters In Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’ maker Krista Vernoff says not killing off the main character was the most shocking thing she could do this season. Read more

Brie Larson Haircut
Hair and Now: Captain Marvel’s Mane Issue

Captain Marvel went from long to a short haircut with a secret message for her fans

Kate Middleton's charming qualities gushing Downton Abbey star
Kate Middleton’s Visit Changed Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery’s Mindset Towards Royalty

‘Downton Abbey’ star Michelle Dockery recalls her meeting with the Duchess of Cambridge which changed her perception towards the royal

Kaley and Karl's special moment amid global pandemic
Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Rejoices A Special Moment With Husband Karl Cook

The billionaire Karl Cook recently surprised his wife Kaley Cuoco for the first time during the isolation period. Read on to learn how!

John Krasinski opens up about losing MCU's role
The Office’s John Krasinski Opened Up About Losing A Role With MCU

The Office’s actor John Krasinski recently speaks about losing his career-changing Marvel Cinematic role. Scroll down!

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner looked stunning in Bikini
The Jenner Sisters Raise The Temperature In A Sizzling Bikini Photo

The Jenner sisters Kylie & Kendall knows how to raise temperatures with their summery bikini pictures during the global pandemic. Scroll down

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