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Consumer Tech Trends of 2022
3 Disruptive Consumer Tech Trends 2022

The consumer tech trends of 2022 are all set to change the way we interact,…

samsung metaverse
Samsung’s Much Awaited Metaverse Debut Is Here — Flagship Store Now Live

Users on Decentraland can now check in to the first ever virtual store of Samsung…

AI Powered Jobs
5 Jobs That Might Become Automated In The Nearest Future

Our world is taking a new shape driven by technology and AI. With this movement,…

What is Metaverse Decentraland
Buying Virtual Land In Metaverse Decentraland — Here Is The Most Comprehensive Guide

Your real estate deal in the virtual world is waiting. Here is everything you need…

What Is Metaverse? Get Ready For A Mind-blowing Insight Into The Future

Anything other than “revolution of the millennium” would be an understatement. In 2004, a seemingly…

9 Hidden Android Functions You Didn't Know About
9 Hidden Android Functions You Didn’t Know About

Android phones are one of the most common smartphones on the market today. Android is…

Speech To Text Apps
Best Apps For Transcribing Lectures And Converting Speech To Text

Block notebooks, coloured markers, and stickers are still popular. And every student has a device…

Transcription services for your business
The Golden Middle Between Price And Quality In Transcription For Business

The transcription service is the demand of every individual entrepreneurship. Finding the organizations which provide…

Indian IT Sector Attrition
What Is Behind Indian IT Sector’s Spiked Attrition Rate And Is It All Good?

Recruitment rate in India is on an upsurge and so is attrition rate. What does…

Hello iPhone 13: What To Expect From The New Apple Series
Launching Soon: Apple Set To Make ‘Weighty’ Upgrades With iPhone 13

Apple is set to launch iPhone 13 soon, and with some much-awaited ‘groundbreaking’ features. Experts speculate and suggest two stunning design changes that will be the talk of the town! So, what are we looking at?