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5 Benefits Of Employee-Driven AI-Powered Self-Service  
5 Benefits Of Employee-Driven AI-Powered Self-Service 

Generally, enterprises use self-service portals to scale customer experience. However, many enterprises have also started…

Virtualization Cloud Computing
5 Benefits Of Virtualization In A Cloud Computing Environment

A cloud system where virtualization is used produces a wide range of advantages. A more…

Upcoming unicorns India
15 Hottest Upcoming Indian Unicorns 2022

Indian startup scenario seems unstoppable after eventful 2021. Watch out these promising upcoming unicorns in…

Distributed Cloud
Distributed Cloud: The Priority Tech Trend And What This Means For Businesses

The dynamics of how firms function have changed as a result of Covid-19. It’s all…

Why Most Startups Fail? And How To Avoid Such A Fate
Why Most Startups Fail — And How To Avoid Such A Fate

Rarely is a business so in tune with its niche that it can float along with minimal effort.

Consumer Tech Trends of 2022
3 Disruptive Consumer Tech Trends 2022

The consumer tech trends of 2022 are all set to change the way we interact,…

samsung metaverse
Samsung’s Much Awaited Metaverse Debut Is Here — Flagship Store Now Live

Users on Decentraland can now check in to the first ever virtual store of Samsung…

AI Powered Jobs
5 Jobs That Might Become Automated In The Nearest Future

Our world is taking a new shape driven by technology and AI. With this movement,…

What is Metaverse Decentraland
Buying Virtual Land In Metaverse Decentraland — Here Is The Most Comprehensive Guide

Your real estate deal in the virtual world is waiting. Here is everything you need…

What Is Metaverse? Get Ready For A Mind-blowing Insight Into The Future

Anything other than “revolution of the millennium” would be an understatement. In 2004, a seemingly…